How do I Send a Mail Blast to my Patients?

A Mail Blast is a function built into YAPI to allow for mass mailing to all or specific patients in the Practice database. With built-in filtering features, interest list integration, and patient recalls, offices can reach out to the appropriate demographics and related groups for emails related to upcoming events, information requests, and miscellaneous activities related to the Practice. 

The following article will show how to access the Mail Blast module and how to make adjustments in the settings for the outgoing message.

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How to Access Email Blast


  1. Click the Online online.png button, this will create a drop-down list. 

  2. From the drop-down list, click on the Mail Blast option.

  3. A password will be requested. Type "password" in all lower case if the password has not been configured yet. Then click OK. 

  4. This will open a Mail Blast Window with an additional window set to show patient filters.

Mail Blast Settings


1.png Media The Media section adjusts whether the mail blast should be using Email or Snail Mail. Selecting Snail Mail will enable the With no email address checkbox to ensure that only patients that do not have a saved email would receive the letter. Information on using Snail Mail can be found in the How to Generate Postcards from YAPI article.
2.png Status The Status section determines whether the target audience of the mail blast should be All Patients in the list or only Active Patients. The status of these patients can be directly adjusted by viewing the patient list in the Practice Management Software.
3.png Gender The Gender section determines whether All, Male or Female patients should be selected for the Mail Blast. The gender of these patients can be directly adjusted by viewing the patient list in the Practice Management Software.
4.png Age The Age section uses either All patients or ages Between certain ages to determine the correct demographic for the Mail Blast's message content. 
5.png Benefit The Benefits section uses either All patients or patients with a certain Remaining balance for the Mail Blast. This can be used to alert patients that they still have benefits to use before the next year comes. 
6.png Balance The Balance section uses either patients with No Balance or patients with a certain Remaining balance for the Mail Blast. This feature can also be preset to Ignore if the balance is not a factor in the message. The Balance Range can be adjusted to determine which patients should receive the appropriate message Mail Blast.
7.png Last Visit The Last Visit section adjusts the Mail Blast for patients that have been Not Seen Since or Seen Since a specified date. This feature can also be preset to Ignore if the visit date is not a factor in the message.
8.png On Interest List The On Interest List section uses a preset list saved in YAPI or in the Practice Management Software to send messages to certain patients. Additional information on how to apply an Interest List and how to create them can be found in the Creating Interest List article.
9.png From Report The From Report checkbox uses a copied Report list from the Recall Manager to populate a list of patients past due for scheduling an appointment. Additional information on how to set this up can be found in the Email Blast "Recall Past Due" Patients article.

After using the settings to configure the target audience for the Mail Blast, click on the OK button.

Sending a Mail Blast


  1. After clicking the OK button from the prior window, a generated list of patients will appear at the top of the window. This number will vary depending on the parameters set.

  2. At the bottom of the window under the section labeled Email, click on the dropdown next to Template. This will show all the available Email Templates that can be chosen. Click on the appropriate email template for the Mail Blast.


    NOTE: Additional information on creating email templates can be found in the Creating an Email Template article. 

  3. The Subject line will auto-populate a subject name from the saved Email Template. If the Subject needs to be adjusted, edit the Subject line with a new title.

  4. If the Mail Blast requires an attachment, click on the Underscore button to attach additional content to the email using a File Explorer. Click the Remove button to remove the attachment from the email. 

  5. If an additional copy of the Mail Blast needs to be sent to an additional email for records, add the email to the Proof to field at the very bottom of the window.

  6. Once the email is configured, click the Send button on the right of the Email section to begin messaging all listed patients. An additional window will appear notifying the user of the number of emails that were successfully emailed out. 

NOTE: You can further filter the list by checking the Selected Only box as well as selecting/highlighting the individual patients.

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