Changing Your YAPI iPad App Password

If you've set up a password for your YAPI iPad app and need to change it, follow the directions below.

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Note: The YAPI iPad App doesn't have a password retrieval option.  If you forget your password, you'll need to delete the app and set it up again, so keep a record of your password.


Changing Your YAPI App Password


  1. With the YAPI app open on your iPad, tap Configuration Screen_Shot_2022-02-04_at_4.18.00_PM_2.png on the bottom right.

  2. Enter your current password.

  3. Scroll down to the Security and Privacy section.

  4. In the box next to YAPI Password on This Device, delete the current password and type in your new password.


  5. Tap on Save, then tap OK.

  6. Force quit the YAPI app and reopen it. 

  7. Optional: Repeat for each iPad at your practice.


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