Your Guide to Patient Alerts

Patient Alerts in YAPI are visual cues on the dashboard that serve as a reminder. You are able to hover your mouse over any alert to see additional information.


In the above image, the allergy alert is in the form of a red dot. Hover over the red dot and a pop-up will display the patient's allergies.

Alerts can be Automated or Set Manually.

Automated Alerts

Automated alerts are created by YAPI. YAPI scans the patient’s dental record looking for specific information such as allergies and medical history.

The meaning of some of the most common Automated Alerts are:

  • medicalalert.png Red Cross = medical alert

  • hasbalance.png Green Money Sign = the patient has an existing balance

  • a401.png Capsule = medication (hover and see all of the patient’s medications)

  • yflag.png Yellow Flag = appointment notes

  • yform.png Yellow Form = team huddle notes

  • birthday.png Birthday Icon = patient’s birthday

  • nophoto.png Shadow = no photo on file (take one today!)

  • gstar.png Gold Star = patient has responded to surveys

  • recall.png Green Recycling Sign = patient is due for cleaning at a later time or does not have an appointment

  • heart.png Red Heart = patient has given the office a good review

  • reddot.png Red Dot = patient allergies

  • greendot.png Green Dot = a patient's "speed pass" to checkout

  • missinginfo.png Exclamation = patient has missing information

  • newpatient.png Crown = this is a new patient!

YAPI users can customize and add on their own Medical Alerts, which can be made a permanent part of the patient’s record or remain in YAPI only for the current visit. This is a great way to alert the staff of patient preferences or the patient’s current state of mind. For instance, front office staff can notify the back office staff that a patient is nervous, without any verbal communications to add to patient discomfort.

Manual Alerts

To add a Manual or Custom alert, simply click on the patient in YAPI to highlight the patient, then click on the red alert icon. Choose the alert type and include any notes.


These alerts can also be added at any time, even if the patient is not in the office. For example, during an appointment confirmation phone call, staff learns that the patient needs to be somewhere right after the appointment. A note can be made, alerting the future staff of this request at the time of the appointment ensuring this information is communicated at the proper time. 

To add an alert for a patient not currently checked-in, click on the patients icon patients icon, then select the Patient Finder option. Search for the patient, then click on the patient in the search results list and select Add Alert.  

Patient Finder Alert

A pop-up will the appear where you can add any notes to be displayed in the future.

Be sure to make the most of your YAPI by knowing the meaning of the alerts at a glance and by creating your own.

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