YAPI Opens, but I Can't Find or Locate YAPI

If the YAPI desktop application appears to be open, yet is nowhere to be seen on screen, follow the procedure below to bring YAPI back into view. 

  1. Locate the orange Y icon in the task tray. This is usually located on the bottom-right corner of the desktop.

  2. Right-click on this icon and select Locate YAPI from the menu that appears. Doing so will bring the Dashboard back on-screen.


NOTE: If the window looks unusually small or the operatories appear awkwardly arranged, click and drag the edges of the window or the rooms on the Dashboard to move and resize them to your liking.

You must now store the Dashboard layout while YAPI is visible on the screen. Failing to do so will result in YAPI opening off-screen again.

  1. Right-click in the dark-gray region behind the rooms on the Dashboard to pull up a menu.

  2. From the context menu, navigate to Dashboard Layout and click on Store Layout.


This will retain the layout of the operatories on the Dashboard and, most importantly, the size and position of YAPI's window on-screen.

For more information regarding manipulating the Dashboard layout, read Organizing the Dashboard Layout.

If you still can't get YAPI to appear on-screen, contact us and one of our support agents will be glad to assist you.

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