Cloud Telephony Applications

Cloud Telephony Applications are modules within YAPI that fulfill unique actions. These functions vary in accessibility and include functions that are useful for everyday use within the office. The following will show how to access YAPI Apps and how to use them.

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How to Access the Cloud Telephony Applications Section


  1. To access the Apps Section, open the YAPI Dashboard.

  2. Click the Setup and Manage icon 2019-09-03_11-44-13.png at the top of the YAPI Dashboard and click the Global Setup option from the dropdown.

  3. When prompted, enter the YAPI administrative password and click Ok.

  4. Within the Global Setup window, click on the CT tab. The YAPI Apps will be found in the top-right corner in the orange box.

Cloud Telephony Apps


Text Forward After-Hours

The Text Forward After Hours application allows messages sent after office hours to be sent to the personal cell phone of an authorized staff member of the Practice. A full explanation on how to configure this feature can be found in the Enabling Text Forwarding After-Hours article.

MY - Get my Appointments

The MY - Get My Appointments option allows for patients to request confirmation of their appointment time from their dental office by texting the word "MY" to the phone number associated with the practice. This can be adjusted further within the options menu to check the Enable checkbox to allow for the feature to function, and the bubble selection list below to set the information given to the patient.


The steps a patient may take to receive their appointment details go as follows:

  1. Text the word MY to the office associated shortcode. The text will prompt a response that says “Give me one minute while I look into this for you!” Note that “MY” is not case-sensitive; writing “my” will render the same response.

  2. If they have an upcoming appointment, YAPI will locate it in the system.

  3. A message will appear that says, “Please tap the following link for your upcoming appointment information.”

  4. The link directs to a nano site with the time, date, and duration of the appointment and with which doctor.

A feature spotlight showing additional information related to the Virtual Assistant can be found on the YAPI Blog. Instructions on Editing the Mobile Nanosite is also available to show what patients will receive when inquiring about their appointment and editing it to fit the Practice's needs.

$BAL - Get my Balances and Pay

The $BAL - Get my Balances and Pay option allows for patients to request their balance information from their dental office by texting the word "$BAL" to the phone number associated with the practice. Originally payment of the balance was also an option, however, payment is no longer a supported process with alternative methods must be accounted for by the practice. The options window allows for the Whole family to also be accounted for within the total balance and the Enable Payments option no longer supported.


ILMD - I like my Dentist

The ILMD - I like my Dentist option enables patients to automatically receive InstaReview links after being checked out from the YAPI Practice Dashboard. The options window for ILMD determines whether this feature is filtered by either excluding new patients or not but clicking the Existing patients only checkbox and then clicking the Ok button.


Send InstaReview Request

The Send InstraReview Request option allows for specific patients to receive an InstaReview link if the office wishes to hear and display public feedback of the patient's experience at the office. Type in the patient's cell phone number into the Send App to mobile phone field and click the Send button to have the patient receive a text with a link to the review site.


RingCentral Integration

The RingCentral Integration option is a legacy method of attempting to connect YAPI to RingCentral for Phone Assistant notifications. This option is no longer in use and the primary method of confirming a connection with RingCentral is the following:

  1. On the YAPI Practice Dashboard, click on the Tools 2021-02-08_13-47-43.png button.

  2. From the Dropdown, click on the Administrative Tools option, then in the following new dropdown list click on the Phone Assistant option.

  3. Within the Phone Assistant dropdown list, click on the RingCentral Monitor option.

  4. A password window will appear, type in "password" into the password field if the password has not been set by the office.

  5. This will open a web browser leading to the RingCentral website. The login to the RingCentral account will be required to proceed.

If RingCentral was already configured by a YAPI Technician, further adjustments past the steps above will not be required. However, if there are any issues related to Phone Assistant notifications not appearing, contact YAPI Technical Support to assist in your issue. 

Online Payments

The Online Payments option is a legacy method of receiving online payments from patients. This option is no longer in use at this time and alternative methods must be accounted for by the practice. 

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