Smart Scheduling - Open Dental Commlog

The Communication Log (Commlog) holds the past actions that have occurred on Open Dental. This includes the movement, editing, and deletion of appointments with dated timestamps and employee/provider names added to each entry.

New entries introduced by Smart Scheduling will appear within the Commlog. This will allow for office staff to identify that a new appointment was introduced from an outside source. 

A key identifier to determine if the appointment came from a Smart Scheduling user is the [YAPI-BOT] user. All Smart Scheduling entries will include this user to differentiate between the changes occurring in the Appointment Book.

How to access the commlog 

  1. Launch Open Dental from the workstation desktop.

  2. On the top-left corner of the window, click the Commlog button.


  3. The Commlog window displays and includes all the recent changes that have occurred on Open Dental. It can be scrolled down to view any older entries. This log enables you to see all changes introduced by Smart Scheduling.


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