Open Dental Commlog (Patient Communications Log)

YAPI writes back to the Open Dental Communications Log (Commlog) in order to capture practice activity. This article shows you how to access the Commlog & provides examples of the YAPI features that update the log.

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How to Access the Commlog 

  1. . Launch Open Dental form the workstation desktop.
  2. Use the Select Patient button to find the patient whose activity you'd like to see.
  3. Click Account to pull up the patient's account and Communications Log.


YAPI Features That Update the Commlog

This sections provides an example of Commlog entries made by various YAPI features. Your patient's Commlog entries will vary based not only on patient activity but also which YAPI features your office is using.

Patient Form Updates

Any time a form with patient information is imported back to Open Dental an entry is made in the Commlog to capture this activity. 


Smart Scheduling

The image below is an example of the Smart Schedule feature updating the Commlog. You can tell this was an automated update by the use of [YAPI-BOT] in the update.



The log is updated each time user activity is captured (creating, canceling, voiding or issuing refunds) and provides all the detail associated with the activity such as date, time, who performed the activity, etc. Note: If your server is offline for a period of time and there's YAPI Pay activity, YAPI still captures the activity and updates Patient Notes once your server is back online.



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