YAPI Release Notes - May 18, 2021


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Practice Online Portal - Version 1.10.14

Feature Enhancements

  • Smart Scheduling Activity Log Update: The Activity log will now be able to display multiple patients on separate pages instead of being viewed in one long list. This enhancement will make load times for offices with a high volume of patients become minimal while navigating the list of available patients. Access the log by going to POP > Smart Scheduling > Activity log.


  • Recall Message Link Update: Originally recall patients were able to set up appointments with links given to them even though the Disable Recall Scheduling option was enabled. An error message has now been added to recall links that have been disabled retroactively on the Practice Online Portal. Patients that have received a recall message with the link to set up a recall appointment through Smart Scheduling will no longer be able to schedule appointments if the Disable Recall Scheduling option is enabled. This situation will typically only affect users if the recall message was sent out before these recall rules have been configured correctly. Access the Disable Recall option by going to POP > Smart Scheduling > Settings > General Settings > Disable Recall Scheduling.

  • New Drag and Drop Treatments: Originally office staff could only rearrange the order of the treatments shown by deleting prior treatments and reinput the information manually into the order office needed. Treatments on Smart Scheduling can now be moved around dragging and dropping treatment tiles. This will allow for easy management without needing to delete and reinput rules for the treatment and create an ordered list by the office to improve the user experience when new appointments are being created by the user. Access the new Treatment plan menu by going to POP > Smart Scheduling > Settings > Treatments.


Additional information on Smart Scheduling can be found on Smart Scheduling - Table of Contents.

Bug Fixes

  • Smart Scheduling widget showed incorrect values within the copy-pasteable code. The code has been adjusted to work correctly on practice websites.

  • The Insurance Information picture took up the majority of the screen during the Review page. The image will now be shown in the expected size.

  • Recall patients with no birthdate saved were automatically assigned the max-age available. They will now be replaced with a "-" character to denote that there is no age saved for the patient.

  • The California Dental Network DentaQuest DHMO originally did not trigger the Submit Insurance Information button to function correctly. The button will now be selectable after configuring the DHMO.

  • Insurance information was not appended to the appointment due to the insurance name being null. The Insurance information should now be viewed correctly.

YAPI Desktop - Version 1.8.0

Feature Enhancements

  • For increased security, YAPI will no longer be accepting TLS 1.0 and 1.1 network connections for YAPI POP logins. Anyone logging into POP should use the latest version of Safari or Chrome browser to avoid getting any error messages related to this. Should you encounter an error message that mentions not being able to securely connect to POP, have your IT department check to make sure you're using the latest browser version.

Release Note Archive

Past release notes will be available within our YAPI Release Notes Archive.

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