Release Notes - May 24, 2021


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Practice Online Portal - Version 1.10.14

New Features

  • Smart Scheduling for Open Dental: Smart Scheduling is now available for Open Dental users! Smart Scheduling enables new and existing patients to schedule an appointment with their preferred providers from your website or via email or text links. Appointment information writes back to your appointment book in real-time. Scheduling rules, payment options, and insurance providers are all configured conveniently from POP to accommodate any unique scheduling methods. Refer to the Smart Scheduling - Open Dental Setup page to configure your Practice Management Software before using Smart Scheduling, and visit the Smart Scheduling - POP Setup page to configure the features online.


  • Introducing the YAPI user: A new YAPI user will now appear in the Open Dental user list. This user is dedicated to the overall functionality of setting up appointments and referencing changes via the Commlog for Smart Scheduling. For additional information about this new user, please review the New YAPI YAPI User article.

YAPI Desktop - Version 1.8.1

The following notes pertain to a hotfix update that has been made available on May 21, 2021. Issues related to YService errors for Dentrix users and Recall Past Due lists will be accounted for in the YService Version 1.8.1 update.

YService Errors for Dentrix Users

Some Dentrix users reported errors that prevent them from checking in patients, requiring the YAPI Service to be restarted. Higher production offices have more data so they saw this error when YAPI attempted to pull in too much information at once. We've further optimized the way we're pulling data to make it more efficient; this issue has been fixed. The Dentrix users can now log in and check patients in without a YAPI Service restart.

Smart Fill Recall Error

Some Smart Fill users reported seeing the error below when using the Recall Past Due report. This issue has been addressed. Data now returns when you run the Recall Past Due report.


Past Release Notes

For the most recent update with new features and feature enhancements, please check out the Release Notes for May 18, 2021.

Past release notes will be available within our Release Notes Archive.

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