Smart Scheduling - Schedule Adjustment via Eaglesoft

Smart Schedule integrates directly with the Eaglesoft appointment book. Use the instructions below to edit your practice's Eaglesoft schedule in order to control which days a patient can book appointments via Smart Scheduling. Completing this process will allow your office to have more control over which days should be blocked off from Smart Scheduling and which schedules should be lengthened or shortened to adjust the openings for future Smart Scheduling appointments. 

Editing the Schedule

  1. Launch Eaglesoft from the workstation desktop.

  2. Click the Lists button, located in the top-left corner of the window, and select the Providers/Staff option. The Providers/Staff List window will display.


  3. Either click New to introduce a new Provider or select an existing active provider from the list and click Edit. The Edit Provider/Staff window will display.


  4. Click Hours and the Provider Hours for the selected Provider displays.


  5. Assign a Chair/Location on the top-left corner to assign the provider to an operatory within OnSchedule, then adjust the openings within the schedule on the right-hand side. Once completed, click the Close button.


Entering Holidays

  1. Launch Eaglesoft from the workstation desktop.

  2. Click Lists, located in the top-left corner of the window.

  3. Click the OnSchedule option, then in the next following dropdown select Holidays. The Holidays window will display.


  4. From within the Holiday Preference section, click the checkboxes for the days that will be used as holidays for the office. Checking these days off will prohibit users from scheduling for those specific days. If a holiday is not available within the preset preferences, click on the Add button to introduce a custom holiday. Once all Holidays are added, click on the OK button.


Office Closed/Blocked Schedule

  1. Launch Eaglesoft from the workstation desktop.

  2. Click on the OnSchedule button at the top of the screen. The OnSchedule window will display.


  3. Navigate the calendar to find the day to block off, then right-click on the chair that will be adjusted. From the pop-up menu, click on the Schedule Services option, then click on the Create Block option in the following dropdown menu. The Block window will appear.


  4. Introduce a Start time and Duration period for the blocked time. To have this block become global for all chairs, click on the Block All Chairs/Locations checkbox. Once completed with adding any additional information such as a Description or Notes, click the Save button.

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