Eaglesoft Patient Notes

YAPI automatically updates the Eaglesoft Patient Notes log in order to capture and log practice activity. This article shows you how to access Patient Notes & provides examples of the YAPI features that update Patient Notes.

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How to access Eaglesoft Patient Notes

Tip: This is just one way to access Eaglesoft Patient Notes, to learn other ways, use the link below to access Eaglesoft documentation.

  1. Launch Eaglesoft from your desktop.
  2. Click on the Account button to find the patient you'd like to see notes for.
  3. At the patient account screen, use the patient notes (mceclip1.png) icon to see all of the note history for the patient.

YAPI Features That Update Patient Notes

This sections provides an example of Patient Notes entries made by various YAPI features. Your patient's entries will vary based not only on patient activity but also which YAPI features your office is using.

Smart Scheduling

A key way to know if the appointment was created by Smart Scheduling is to look for the user that was a user that was created specifically for the Smart Scheduling feature (for example YAPI-BOT, YAPI-YAP, etc). All Smart Scheduling entries will include this user to differentiate between the changes occurring in the Appointment Book. 




YAPI Pay updates Patient Notes each time user activity is captured (creating, canceling, voiding or issuing refunds) and provides all the detail associated with the activity such as date, time, who performed the activity, etc. Note: If your server is offline for a period of time and there's YAPI Pay activity, YAPI still captures the activity and updates Patient Notes once your server is back online.


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