Smart Scheduling - Eaglesoft Patient Notes

The Patient Notes holds the past actions that have occurred on Eaglesoft. New entries introduced by Smart Scheduling will appear within the Patient Notes. This will allow office staff to identify that a new appointment was introduced from an outside source. 

A key way to know if the appointment was created by Smart Scheduling is to look for the user that was a user that was created specifically for the Smart Scheduling feature (for example YAPI-BOT, YAPI-YAP, etc). All Smart Scheduling entries will include this user to differentiate between the changes occurring in the Appointment Book.

How to access Eaglesoft Patient Notes

  1. Launch Eaglesoft from the workstation desktop.

    1. Click on the OnSchedule button at the top of the screen. The OnSchedule window will display.


    2. Right-click on an appointment that was added to OnSchedule. From the dropdown, click on the Clinical option, then in the next dropdown click on the Note History option. The Note History for the selected appointment will appear.


      The Note History window displays and includes all the recent changes that have occurred on Eaglesoft for the selected patient and appointment. This log enables you to see all changes introduced by Smart Scheduling.

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