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This article provides an overview of the Eaglesoft settings you'll need to configure so your practice can use YAPI's Smart Scheduling feature.  Follow the instructions in each section below to review these settings and make any necessary edits before you set up Smart Scheduling in the Practice Online Portal.

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Setting Provider Availability

Smart Scheduling uses the provider availability you set in Eaglesoft to present patients with available times when they schedule online.  It's important to set the schedule of any provider you want available for Smart Scheduling and keep their schedule up to date in Eaglesoft so patients don't accidentally schedule on a time that the provider is unavailable.

Use the instructions below to set each provider's availability to the time frames you want patients to be able to schedule for online.

  1. Open Eaglesoft in Practice Management Mode (you should see an image of a waiting room).

  2. In the toolbar, click Lists and select Providers/Staff:


  3. Review the availability for your existing providers:

    • In the list, click on the name of a provider that you want to be able to take online-scheduled appointments. Then click Edit.


    • Click Hours. In the Provider Hours window, click on each item in the list to the left (including Default Provider Hours) and review the provider's availability on the right.  Double-click a time to make any necessary edits.


  4. Add any new providers along with their availability for each chair:

    • Click New.  Complete all the fields in the New Provider/Staff window, then click Hours.

    • Review the provider's Default Provider Hours on the right and make any necessary edits.

    • Choose a chair or location from the Chair/Location pulldown menu, then click Assign Chair/Location.  Click on the newly added chair on the left and make any necessary edits to the provider's availability for that chair on the right.


  5. Click Save, then click OK.

  6. Repeat for any additional providers that you want to be available for online scheduling.

    Tip: For detailed instructions on editing provider schedules, see Provider Hours and Colors in OnSchedule on the Eaglesoft Website.


Reviewing Available Recall Types

Smart Scheduling uses your active Recall Types to help existing patients schedule their hygiene appointments, so you'll want to know which recalls you have set up in Eaglesoft before activating Smart Scheduling.  To easily view your set Recall Types from YAPI:

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Recall Manager Recall_Manager.png and select Recall Manager Setup.

  2. Note the recall types that display in the Recalls to Manage box.  Usually Eaglesoft users only use the default Next Recall Type, but if you want to use separate recall types like Prophy and Perio and these don't show in the Recalls to Manage box, proceed to Setting Up & Editing Multiple Recall Types below.

Setting Up & Editing Multiple Recall Types

  1. Open Eaglesoft in Practice Management Mode (you should see an image of a waiting room).

  2. In the toolbar, click File and select Preferences


  3. Check the Use Multiple Recalls box, then click OK.


  4. In the toolbar, click Lists and select General Setup, then Recall Types.


  5. Review the list of available Recall Types

    • To Add a Recall Type: Click New. 
      • Description: Enter the name of the recall type.
      • Frequency:  Enter how much time should pass before this recall type is due
      • Click OK.


        Note: It may take a few months before you start seeing these recall appointments being scheduled via Smart Scheduling.  For example, if you add a new Recall Type today with a frequency of 3 months, patients will not start coming due for that recall or be able to schedule online for that appointment until 3 months from now.
    • To Edit a Recall Type: Double-click the existing Recall Type and make your edits in the Edit Recall Type window.  Then click OK.

Tip: For detailed instructions, see Multiple Recalls on the Eaglesoft Website.


Preparing an Automated Appointment Booking Staff User

When setting up Smart Scheduling, you must select an Eaglesoft user as your practice's Automated Appointment Booking Staff in Smart Scheduling's General Settings:


This user allows Smart Scheduling to add appointments to your schedule and to a patient's Notes when they book online. Luckily, if you have the latest version of YAPI, the update created a separate user for you named YAPI YAPI. If you're happy with using this YAPI YAPI user as your Automated Appointment Booking Staff, you can skip this section and continue to the Setting Provider Availability section below.

If you want to select an existing member of your team as the Automated Appointment Booking Staff, you need to check their Eaglesoft settings prior to your Smart Scheduling setup appointment to make sure their user profile meets the following requirements:

  • they are set as an Office Manager or Office Staff.
  • they are set as a Staff Member and not a Provider of Services.  

Checking the Settings of an Existing Staff Member

  1. Open Eaglesoft in Practice Management Mode (you should see an image of a waiting room).

  2. In the toolbar, click Lists and select Providers/Staff:


  3. Scroll through the list and locate the staff member you want to use as your Automated Appointment Booking Staff.  Then, double-click their name.


  4. In the Edit Provider/Staff window that pops up, check that:

    • The staff member's Position is either Office Manager or Office Staff
    • Next to This Person Is A, make sure that Staff Member is selected.  


    If your staff member meets these requirements, you're all set.  If they don't, you must change the person's settings or select a different person as your Automated Appointment Booking Staff.


Optional: Reviewing & Adding Exploding Codes

Exploding Codes are codes within Eaglesoft that group procedures together.  If your practice uses Exploding Codes and wants to use them for online appointment booking, you need to note which ones you want to use for Smart Scheduling:

  1. Open Eaglesoft in Practice Management Mode (you should see an image of a waiting room).

  2. In the toolbar, click Lists and select Exploding Codes:


  3. Review your available Exploding Codes in the list and write down the ones you want to use for Smart Scheduling (the most commonly used ones are whichever codes you use for new patient and hygiene appointments).


  4. Optional: Add any new Exploding Codes by clicking New.  In the New Exploding Code window, name the Exploding Code, add a Description, and click Add to add each ADA procedure code you want grouped under this Exploding Code.  Then click OK.

    Tip: For detailed instructions on adding and editing exploding codes, see Create or Edit Exploding Codes on the Eaglesoft Website.
  5. Click Close.


Next Steps

Once you've checked and made any desired edits to the settings above, you're ready to activate Smart Scheduling! When you're ready to get started, just reach out to your Customer Success Manager to schedule your Smart Scheduling Feature Activation session.


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