Release Notes for June 16, 2021


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Practice Online Portal - Version 1.11.2

New Features

  • Smart Scheduling for Eaglesoft: Smart Scheduling is now available for Eaglesoft users! Smart Scheduling enables new and existing patients to schedule an appointment with their preferred providers from your website or via email or text links. Appointment information writes back to your appointment book in real-time. Scheduling rules, payment options, and insurance providers are all configured conveniently from POP to accommodate any unique scheduling methods. Refer to the Smart Scheduling - Eaglesoft Setup page to configure your Practice Management Software before using Smart Scheduling, and visit the Smart Scheduling - POP Setup page to configure the features online.


  • Smart Fill Available for EaglesoftIntroducing Smart Fill, the most efficient way to fill gaps in your schedule with a mass text! Smart Fill accesses the ASAP and Recall Past Due lists within POP to narrow down the right patients for certain time slots with new list filtering options. Patients can now select their appointment preferences when booking appointments through Smart Scheduling. These preferences will be utilized by Smart Fill to automatically target the ideal patients based on the day and time of the opening. Appointment preferences can be added or adjusted by your dental team within POP. Additional information on how to access, filter, and send messages out to patients can be found in Practice Online Portal - Smart Fill.

Feature Enhancements

  • Additional insurance options and information such as secondary insurances will now be available for all supported Practice Management Software within the appointment notes. This can be viewed within the Patient Notes inside Eaglesoft. Here's an example of how the notes will display: 

    x/xx/xxxx x:xx:xx PM - [YAPI-BOT] - [ Patient Notes to the office ][Payment type:Insurance][ Primary Insurance: xxxxxx Type: xxxxxx Subscriber: xxxxxx DOB: xx/xx/xxxx Group: xxxx Id: xxxxx ][ Secondary Insurance: xxxxxx Type: xxxxxx Subscriber: xxxxxx DOB: xx/xx/xxxx Group: xxxx Id: xxxxx ]

Bug Fixes

  • Originally there was a date discrepancy for appointment dates in POP which caused early morning ASAP appointments to display their appointment date as the previous date. This has been addressed; dates now display correctly.

  • Insurance types were not displaying properly when secondary insurance was added. This has been fixed and the Insurance type now displays correctly.

  • The date of birth would appear blank on POP even when the data was available on the Practice Management Software. The data will now be shown correctly.

YAPI Desktop - Version 1.9.3

Bug Fixes

  • The YService experienced crashes due to back-end processes. This been updated to prevent future crashes to the YService.

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