Merge Tags for Documents

Merge Tags are context-sensitive codes that auto-populate with patient and practice information. This content can be used in both documents and in email/mobile templates to allow for information to automatically generate to personalize content for the patient.

Merge tags in this article apply only to messages sent in the Practice Dashboard and not via the Practice Online Portal (POP).

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Merge tags can be added to documents by using the Form Builder. This can be done by including the tag in a Paragraph section of the document.


Additional information on how to add or edit a paragraph section to use merge tags can be found in Creating an IPad Form With The Form Builder.

iPad Form Merge Tags

iPad forms are documents signed within the office using an iPad tablet. The merge tags used for this document type are very limited in comparison to email and text templates but are able to record the practice and the patient name for the official signing of medical documents.

Definition Merge Tag Source
Practice Name [[PRACTICE]] Pulls from Practice Tab
First Name [[FIRST]] Pulls from PMS
Last Name [[LAST]] Pulls from PMS

Online Form Merge Tags

Online forms are documents that have been uploaded online by the patient that can be filled out before coming into the office for the patient's appointment. 

Definition Merge Tag Source
Practice Name [[PRACTICE]] Pulls from Practice Tab
Practice Phone [[PHONE]] Pulls from Practice Tab
Practice Email [[EMAIL]] Pulls from Practice Tab
Practice Address [[ADDRESS]] Pulls from Practice Tab
Notice of Privacy Practices [[HIPAAURL]] Pulls from Online Tab

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