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As part of the May 24, 2021 release, a  user was created called YAPI YAPI. It was to be used as a service account provider in order to better integrate YAPI features (such as Smart Scheduling) with Open Dental.  Soon after, we updated YAPI and removed YAPI YAPI so that you can use any staff member as your staff booking in Smart Scheduling. The staff member you chose to be your booking staff for Smart Scheduling must be a user in Open Dental and not set to hidden. 

Note: If your practice has deleted the YAPI YAPI user that was previously created it's fine, as long as you have a Automated Appointment Booking Staff provider selected in Smart Scheduling.

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What's happening?

Open Dental users may have noticed that a new user "YAPI, YAPI" was created as part of the May 24, 2021 release. This was an intentional measure for Smart Scheduling to function and the use of this YAPI integration method does not violate HIPAA. This user was created for all practices using Open Dental  regardless of whether Smart Scheduling is enabled.

Important: This user can only create appointments for Smart Scheduling and does not have access to your application in any way. For added security, login to Open Dental as an admin and create a strong password for the YAPI YAPI user.

Why do I see this new User?

We needed to do this in order for users to differentiate which appointments were created through Smart Scheduling. Each Practice Management Software records the user that created an appointment and this was necessary so users could tell which ones were made by office staff members and which were made online by Smart Scheduling. In order to easily achieve this, we automatically created this generic ID with the latest update.


What happens if I delete the YAPI YAPI user from my PMS?

If the YAPI user was deleted under any circumstance, Smart Scheduling will not work as intended and may cause future issues if left missing from the Practice Management Software. If this user is currently missing and you are interested in using Smart Scheduling, please contact YAPI Support so we may reinstall the necessary settings for the Open Dental plug-in.

We apologize if this has caused your practice any confusion or worry. Rest assured your Practice Management Software's information stored on the server is secured. If you still have questions or concerns, please contact YAPI Support.

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