Troubleshooting: YAPI Auto Start Isn't Working

If you've set up YAPI to start up automatically on a workstation each day but you find that the auto start feature isn't working, check out our troubleshooting tips below.

Important! This article covers troubleshooting for YAPI's native Autostart feature found in the Dashboard's Local Setup.  If you've configured YAPI to start with Windows Startup and that isn't working, please contact Microsoft or your practice's IT professional for help.

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Troubleshooting Autostart

Step 1: Making Sure Auto Start is Set Up in Admin Mode

While YAPI's autostart feature is easy to set up, it requires administrative permissions, which some workstations aren't automatically set to (and you wouldn't necessarily realize it).  Try this:

  1. Close your YAPI Dashboard.

  2. Right-click the YAPI icon on your desktop and select Run as administrator:


  3. Set up YAPI's Autostart feature again, as if you hadn't done it before.  For full instructions, see Setting YAPI to Start and Shut Down Automatically (Auto Start) and follow the steps for "Autostart for Workstations that Stay On Overnight".

  4. If YAPI still doesn't auto start when it's supposed to, try Step 2 below. 


Step 2: Check Your Startup Time

Unlike Windows' startup feature, YAPI's native Autostart feature doesn't work unless your computer is on first.  To see if this is what's causing the issue:

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Setup and Manage Setup_and_Manage.png and select Local Setup.

  2. In the Local Configuration window that appears, navigate to the Autostart section and find the Start at time:


  3. If the Start at time is earlier than when you turn your computer on, you have two options.  Choose whichever works best for you!

    • Set the Start At time to a time that you know your computer will already be on every morning:


      Then click Save.


    • Set YAPI to autostart using Windows Startup instead of YAPI's native Autostart feature.  Just follow the instructions in Setting YAPI to Start and Shut Down Automatically (Auto Start) and follow the steps for "Autostart for Workstations that Are Turned Off Each Day".


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