You Just Bought Yapi. Now What?

Hi and welcome! Now that you've purchased Yapi, you'll receive an email to schedule a Kickoff Meeting with a Client Onboarding Manager so they can help you get the implementation process started. Below, you'll learn what to expect during that process, which includes installation and training to get your team up and running.

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Kickoff Meeting

The Kickoff Meeting with your Client Onboarding Manager is designed to:

  • Discuss your practice's goals for using Yapi.

  • Understand your staff's preferred learning style & training timeline.

  • Schedule your installation and training sessions.

  • Note the end dates for any reminder or review request services you're transitioning from (if you know those dates) so they don't overlap with Yapi.

  • Show you how to connect to our Help Center and how to access Yapi's free resources like additional forms and templates.

Since you'll be making decisions about installation and training, this meeting must include both the Yapi account holder and the person responsible for ensuring employees are trained (if they're different people, of course!). While those attending the Kickoff Meeting don't need to be physically in your office during the call, they do need access to the practice schedule. One of the major goals of the meeting is to schedule your installation and training appointments, so we want to make sure you know your availability.


Preparing for Your Installation

After your Kickoff Meeting, you'll want to make sure your server is prepped and ready for your installation appointment. To learn how to get your server ready, click the appropriate link below:

Before your installation appointment, make sure someone at your practice (or your IT company if you use one) is available during the appointment time to provide our installer with:

  • Admin access to your practice management software (Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft)

  • Enough privileges to install Yapi and to sync your practice management software database

If you have an IT company that handles most of your network and computer settings, it's often helpful to have them ready to assist with this process.  We also recommend you forward them the following articles prior to your installation appointment:


Installation Appointment

At your scheduled appointment time, a member of Yapi's Technical Support team will call to remotely connect with your practice's server. They'll then install Yapi, run tests to ensure that the software is functioning properly, and email your instructions for installing Yapi onto each workstation in the office so you can access the Dashboard at all your computers. And don't worry; you won't experience any downtime with your practice management software during the installation process.

Important!  For your appointment, make sure that someone at your practice is present who has administrative access to your server and your practice management software. Otherwise, your installer won't be able to complete the installation.

During your appointment, your installer will:

  1. Transfer the installation files required for Yapi installation onto your server.

  2. Synchronize Yapi with your practice management software (Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft).

  3. Configure custom settings like adding in your practice's contact information.

  4. Test and verify the functionality of features included in your Yapi license.

  5. Let your Client Onboarding Manager know they've completed your install.

  6. Follow up via email to let you know they're done and to send you instructions for installing Yapi on your workstations.

Next, your Client Onboarding Manager or a designated member of our training team will reach out at your scheduled training times so your team can learn more about the software.


Training Sessions

Once your install is complete, your Client Onboarding Manager (or another trainer designated by them) will call your practice for each scheduled training session. Here's what to prepare for during the training phase of your onboarding:

  • Your Client Onboarding Manager will work with you to determine who on your office team should attend each training to make your use of Yapi as successful as possible. We also recommend designating one member of your team (like your office manager) to consistently attend all trainings so you have a resident expert on how all of Yapi's features work together.

  • Most practices attend 3 to 4 training sessions, but this number can vary depending on the features your office uses and the needs of your staff. During your Kickoff Meeting, your Client Onboarding Manager will help you determine the right number of sessions your team needs to be successful, including additional trainings if you need them.

    • At each training session, your trainer will briefly review your goals for using Yapi Leap so if your goals have changed, your trainer can adjust and help you complete the goals that are important to you.

    • We can also record your training sessions if you like and make them available for you to download. This way, you can use them as a refresher whenever you need or use them to onboard new employees later on.

  • If you're transitioning from another system for reminders, note the date you'll be ending your current service so you can give this information to your trainer. This way, they can set the start date for your Yapi Leap reminders so they don't overlap with your old service.

  • If you're using Yapi's InstaReview feature but don't want to start it on the day of your training, mark your calendar with a reminder to turn your InstaReview on at a later date. Your trainer can then set up the feature during your training but keep it disabled so you can turn it on when you're ready.

As you're going through training, make sure your staff is using Yapi on a daily basis. This keeps the information fresh from each new session, brings up questions you may need to ask your trainer, and will help you determine if your team needs additional training later.


Wrapping Up

Once you've completed all your training sessions, your Client Onboarding Manager will check in to see if your team needs additional training or if they have any roadblocks to successfully using Yapi. They'll then work with you to get any additional sessions scheduled and answer your questions, should you have any.


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