Manually Sending Appointment Reminders That Didn't Go Out for the Day

If you ever have issues with your server or internet connection, appointment reminders may not go out automatically as scheduled. Follow the processes in this article check whether reminders went out after an outage and send any unsent reminders.

If you just need to send a single reminder to a patient because they've lost theirs or need an extra one, see Sending a Manual Appointment Reminder to a Patient instead.

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What Would Cause Reminders Not to Send?

If your server ever goes down because of a power outage or hardware issue, this can prevent YAPI from sending out scheduled reminders. On rare occasion, an internet connection issue can cause this too, but usually a short lapse in connection just pauses reminders and they send as soon as your connection is back up.


Checking Whether Reminders Sent

If you're unsure whether appointment reminders were sent for the day, check your Appointment Reminders Sent Report. Keep in mind that email reminders send during YAPI housekeeping (usually overnight) and text reminders send around 11AM - 12PM (you can check this in your Appointment Reminder Settings).  If those times haven't passed yet, you don't need to manually send reminders; YAPI will send them at their regularly scheduled time.


Sending Appointment Reminders That Didn't Go Out

Warning! Before sending reminders, always check your Appointment Reminders Sent Report to make sure you're not sending duplicates.

To send reminders that haven't gone out as scheduled:


  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Tools Tools.png

  2. Select Administrative Tools, then Appointment Reminders, then Send Reminders

  3. When prompted, enter your YAPI password.

  4. When the Select Appointment Date window pops up, select the appointment Date you'd like to send reminders for and choose Email or Text.


  5. Click Ok. 

  6. Optional: Repeat this process for any other appointment dates you need to or if you need to send a different type of reminder.


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