Setting Up MailChimp Integration


  1. Log into MailChimp. From the MailChimp dashboard select your name at the top and drop down to the Profile option

  2. Open the Extras tab and select API Keys from the drop-down menu

  3. From the API Key menu: create a new API Key and copy the key

  4. Now open YAPI. 

  5. On the YAPI Dashboard, click on the Setup and Manage section (the wrench icon wrenchIcon.jpg)
  6. Select the Global Setup option.

  7. Select the Email tab

  8. Paste the MailChimp API key into the API Key box.

Now YAPI and MailChimp are integrated.

You can export a list of patients to MailChimp using the Mail Blast tool:

  1. On the YAPI Dashboard, click on the Online section (the globe icon online.png)

  2. Select the Mail Blast option
  3. User the filter option to select the subset of patients you need then click on the OK button.

  4. Click on the MailChimp button. 

  5. Select the MailChimp list you would like YAPI to import to then click the Continue button. You should see your MailChimp list updated momentarily.

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