YAPI Data Services May Produce False Positive in Norton Antivirus

If your dental practice uses Norton Antivirus software, an important component of YAPI sometimes is flagged by this program as "suspicious". The solution is creating a simple exclusion rule in your Norton Software.

On occasion, Norton Antivirus will flag the YAPI Data Service component as a "SONAR.Heuristic.132 security risk". As a result, a vital YAPI component, yads-es17.exe, will be blocked from executing. This will result in errors in YAPI.


The simple solution is to exclude the YAPI Data component from Antivirus screening. Simply click the Options link (located near the Close button), then select Restore & Exclude this file.


That quick update should do the trick!  If you run into any further problems, contact our friendly Technical Support staff to get everything running again smoothly.

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