Restarting YAPI Services

When it is time to update your dental office's Practice Management Software(e.g., Eaglesoft, OpenDental, Dentrix, etc), we highly recommend stopping the YAPI Service Manager application. The YAPI Service Manager is installed on your server computer and manages interactions between YAPI and your dental office Practice Management Software. As this application may have database files opened, which may interfere with the Practice Management Software update, stopping the YAPI Service Manager before the update will help prevent problems from arising.

This process is simple: to stop the YAPI Service, access your server computer and launch the YAPI Service Manager. A shortcut icon for this is installed on the desktop during the initial installation process. Once the application is open, click the Stop Service button.


When the Practice Management Software update is complete, simply click the Start Service button to launch the YAPI Service, and resume normal YAPI use!

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