Installing and Setting Up YAPI on an iPad

Following the installation of YAPI at your practice, our support technicians will guide you through the setup process on the iPads. If you need to set up a brand new iPad and are willing to attempt the process on your own, you can follow the steps below.

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What you will need

WARNING: Please refrain from signing into personal Apple ID's on your practice's iPads. Doing so may sync personal photos, messages, contacts, or other sensitive information onto the iPad. You are advised to create a new Apple ID designated to the practice. For information on setting up a new Apple ID, click here to visit an article on Apple's website.

Download and Install the YAPI App

  1. Open the App Store on your iPad (on the Home Screen, tap the blue icon containing a white "A").


  2. Search for YAPI by tapping the Search button on the bottom right (accompanied by a magnifying glass), and tap the GET button to download the YAPI app from the App Store. You should recognize the correct app based on the logo and the category it belongs to (Medical).


Once the app has finished downloading and installing, an icon for the YAPI app will be added to your iPad's Home Screen. At this point, if you try and open the app, you will initially encounter YAPI's "Tutorial Mode". Tap the Stop Tutorial button, located at the bottom right corner of the screen, and restart the app.

Upon restarting, you will likely see this error:


If you are experiencing this error, you must adjust some settings detailed below to get YAPI connected to the server.

Set Up and Connect the App

Before consulting the settings within the YAPI app, you must confirm or adjust certain settings belonging to the iPad itself.

Configure the iPad

  Verify the Wi-Fi Network Your iPad is Connected To

  1. From the Home screen on the iPad, locate the Settings application (see the icon below for reference).


  2. On the left, locate the button labeled Wi-Fi. The name of the Wi-Fi network (SSID) you are currently connected to will be listed here. Verify that this is a private Wi-Fi network on the same subnet as the server where YAPI's Service is installed.

    NOTE: If you unsure about your Wi-Fi network, consult your IT administrator with this article so they can connect the iPad to the proper network.

Check Your iPad's Name

  1. Tap on General just below, and then tap on About on the right at the top:


  2. At the top of the next page, you will see the name of the iPad. This name cannot contain special characters (i.e. apostrophes, parentheses, punctuation, etc.). The name must be limited to alphanumeric characters only. Tap on the name to edit it and make changes accordingly, then tap Done on the keyboard.

Configure the YAPI App

Once you configured the iPad properly, you must now configure the YAPI app in order to connect successfully.

  1. Open the YAPI app from the iPad's Home Screen. You will likely encounter the same error from earlier; tap OK.

  2. On the bottom right, tap the wrench icon labeled Configuration.


  3. Under the top section named DEVICE, you will find a field labeled Device Name. If this field still contains the old device name, edit this field so that it reflects the name from the iPad settings app exactly. See the section Check Your iPad's Name for reference.

  4. Tap Save at the top right. Tap OK once the box stating, "Configuration was updated", appears. Exit the app and reopen it.

If you have followed every step up to this point, a connection error will not appear upon opening the app. The operatories from the YAPI Dashboard on the desktop will appear, and patients currently checked in will populate the screen.

You should be all set to put this iPad into action around the office. If you are still having trouble getting your iPad setup, please contact us, and one of our support agents will glad to assist you!

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