Attaching an Image to Patient Records

To attach an image to a patient's record with an iPad, start by verifying the patient is checked-in to the YAPI Dashboard application. Then, grab an iPad:

  1. Open the YAPI iPad application

  2. Find the patient on the YAPI Mobile Dashboard

  3. Open the patient menu by tapping and holding your finger on the patient's avatar

  4. Select the Picture option


  5. The camera view will then appear in YAPI

  6. Aim the iPad camera at the patient and tap the camera icon to take the patient's photo

    1. To zoom, tap the camera view and drag the slider at the bottom of the screen


  7. Accept the picture by tapping the Use button or tap the Retake button to try again


  8. Bingo! The patient’s file is now updated with the image


Note: you may set camera view to be full screen or 1/4 screen size: tap configuration tab, scroll down to the Documents group and select the desired Camera view size.


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