Finding the YAPI Dashboard

This article explains how to find and retrieve the YAPI Dashboard when it disappears a few moments after it starts. For this specific issue, you can see YAPI in Windows Task Manager but no YAPI Dashboard appears on the screen.

There are two possible causes for this problem: a) local configuration file is corrupt or b) the dashboard layout was imported from a workstation with a much larger screen.

Either way, the solution is the same: locate the YAPI icon on the Windows Desktop Notification Bar – typically at the bottom-right corner of your computer - then right click on the Y icon, and this menu will come up:


Select Locate YAPI, and Bingo! The YAPI Dashboard will popup at the top-left corner of the main monitor.

To prevent this from happening again next time you open YAPI, store the layout for this computer by right clicking on any dark grey portion of the dashboard and selecting Dashboard Layout > Store Layout.


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