Setting Up Guided Access on an iPad

Guided Access is a feature of your iPad that limits the use of the device to a single app.  This useful feature prevents users from switching to another program or returning to the Home screen.  If your office uses the iPad primarily for the YAPI application, guided access will keep your patient's from accidentally exiting YAPI while in use.

This article explains how to enable, start and end the Guided Access feature on your iPad.

To enable Guided Access:

  1. Go to Home screen of your iPad, tap the Settings icon 

  2. Select the General section

  3. Select the Accessibility section


  4. Select the Guided Access section and turn the switch on.


  5. Set a passcode. This controls the use of Guided Access and prevents someone from leaving an active session.

Enabling the Accessibility Shortcut will allow you to Triple-Click the Home button to turn Guided Access on and off.

To start a Guided Access session:

  1. Launch the YAPI application

  2. Triple-click the Home button

  3. Adjust settings for the session: 


    1. Set Touch to On

    2. Set Motion to On
    3. Touch the Hardware Buttons Options button to bring up the available hardware options.

    4. Disable both Sleep/Wake and Volume buttons.

  4. Tap Start on the top right corner of the iPad to start Guided Access session.

To end a Guided Access session:

  1. Triple-click the Home button

  2. Enter the Guided Access passcode. 

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