Mastering Gestures in the YAPI iPad App

Touch gestures are used within the YAPI iPad app to navigate from section to section, open and assign patient forms, and move patients from room to room in the Dashboard.  Below, you'll learn the common touch gestures used in the iPad app and some ways that you can use them for everyday tasks.

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Common Touch Gestures

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Tap: This motion is the same as clicking your desktop computer's mouse. Taps are used to move from section to section in the YAPI app toolbar (like from the Dashboard to Messages), to select forms and packages, and to select items from individual menus. Tap & Hold: Complete this motion like the Tap, but hold your finger down for about half a second. Tap and Hold is used for functions like selecting multiple forms for a patient, adding a signature box to a form, and opening hidden menus on the Dashboard.
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Swipe: Drag your finger across the screen to swipe.  Swiping from left to right (or right to left) on a patient in the Dashboard opens the Forms and Documents section to assign them paperwork.  Swipe up to scroll through a form and review it. Drag: Tap, hold, and drag your finger on the iPad screen. For example, to move a patient to another room in the Dashboard, tap and hold on the three horizontal lines to the far right of a patient, then drag them to another room and release your finger.
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Pinch to Zoom In: Place your thumb and index finger, pinched together, on the screen and spread them apart while maintaining contact with the screen.  You can use this gesture to zoom in on a form if the text is too small to read. Pinch to Zoom Out: This is similar to Pinch to Zoom In but in reverse: start with your thumb and index finger outwards, and then pinch them together.  Use this gesture when you've already zoomed in and are ready to zoom back to to full view again.


Tip: You can also practice these gestures in the iPad app's Tutorial Mode.


Examples of Gestures Within the App


Swipe across a patient in the iPad app Dashboard to open their Forms & Documents page and assign forms to them.




Tap on the name of a form on the Forms & Documents page to open it for a patient to sign:



Tap & Hold

Tap and hold on a patient's avatar to open the Patient Menu:




Tap and hold on the three horizontal lines to the right of a patient in the Dashboard, then drag them to a new room:



Pinch to Zoom In and Zoom Out

Pinch to zoom in on a patient's completed form, then pinch to zoom out again:



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