Mastering iPad Gestures

Touch gestures are used to navigate around YAPI on your iPad and to invoke different functions.  These gestures are simple and effective integrations of the YAPI iPad application. They are easy to master within a few minutes of using YAPI. 

Here are the two most commonly used gestures:

one.png two.png
Tap: This motion is the same as clicking with the left mouse button on a desktop computer. Tapping is the most common and basic gesture on the iPad. Taps are used to change tabs, select items from lists or dates from the calendar. Tap and Hold (AKA Long Tap): This motion is completed like the Tap, but the finger is held on the screen for a few moments (1/2 second or more). The Long Tap is used to invoke context-sensitive popup menus (explained below)


Examples of YAPI context-sensitive menus:

Patient Menu – invoked via Touch and Hold on the patient’s avatar.


Document Menu – invoked via Touch and Hold on or around the clipboard icon


Patient Alert Menu – invoked via Touch and Hold on the patient’s alert area


Area Menu – invoked via Touch and Hold anywhere inside the operatory or patient area


The Patient Menu in the Huddle – invoked via Touch and Hold on the patient’s avatar.


Document Menu – invoked via Touch and Hold on the document image


nine.png ten.png
Pinch to Zoom In. Place your thumb and index finger, pinched together, on the screen and spread them apart while maintaining contact with the screen.
Note: Your fingers don’t have to travel far, often less than an inch. This is typically used to open a document.
Pinch to Zoom Out is similar to Pinch to Zoom In but in reverse: start with your thumb and index finger outwards, and then pinch them together.
eleven.png twelve.png
Swipe. Drag your finger across the screen‚ up, down, left, or right‚ to swipe. A left or right swipe is used to move through document pages; an up or down swipe is used to scroll a document page, the dashboard, or a schedule in the Huddle.
Tip: use left or right swipe inside patient’s area to sign a document or fill a form.
Drag. Tap, hold and maintain iPad contact, then drag the finger. Typically used to drag a patient from one area to another: touch lightly drag handle at the right (marked with red), hold, and drag the patient into the empty area. 
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