Setting Up Security for the YAPI iPad App

The privacy and security features of the YAPI mobile application are specially crafted to protect private and sensitive patient information and prevent unauthorized access. 

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  1. Overview

  2. Shared Secret

  3. Secure the iPad Dashboard with a Password

  4. Temporarily Disable Password

  5. Show Patient's Last Name on Dashboard

  6. Show Appointment Details on Dashboard

  7. Show Patient Information


The Security and Privacy settings are all found in the YAPI Mobile Application:

  1. Go to the Configuration tab (found on the bottom menu)

  2. Scroll down to the Security and Privacy section.


Shared Secret

Shared Secret Input Area

Shared Secret provides an added layer of security and is used for authentication of mobile devices that run YAPI. In other words, when this option is set, a mobile device running YAPI will not be able to access any sensitive patient or practice information unless the proper shared secret string is set on a device, even if the device is authenticated on the wireless network.

To set up a Shared Secret for mobile devices:

  1. Launch YAPI on a PC and

  2. Click on the Setup and Manage section (the wrench icon wrenchIcon.jpg).

  3. Select Global Setup and enter the password if prompted.

  4. On the Configuration window that pops up, navigate to the Options tab and locate the Mobile YAPI section (found to the right of the window).

  5. Enter a Shared Secret string into the input:

Shared Secret Location in YAPI

When device authentication fails on another device, an error will now show and the iPad screen will lock:

Shared Secret Error Message

To gain access to the YAPI application features, navigate to the configuration tab and enter this shared secret.

Secure the iPad Dashboard with a Password

You can secure each iPad dashboard to prevent patients from seeing the dashboard after you hand them the iPad. This is a recommended security setting to prevent another patient's crucial information from being displayed. 


 To accomplish this, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Select Configuration on the bottom right-hand corner of the YAPI App (Wrench Icon wrenchIcon.jpg ) 

  2. Scroll down to the section called Security and Privacy

  3. Turn on the option for Password Protection for Dashboard

  4. Type in the desired password in YAPI password for this device

  5. Click on Save in the upper right-hand corner of the YAPI App

  6. Restart the YAPI App if the changes do not immediately take effect

After a Password string is set, the YAPI application will require a user to provide a password to access the Configuration, Huddle or Care Call tabs. Any detailed patient information or patient documents are also password protected under this setting.


  • Each mobile device has its own password

  • YAPI doesn’t provide the ability to reset a password. You will need to remove and reinstall YAPI on an iPad if you forgot the password.

  • YAPI provides an audible alert when an invalid password is used.

  • A trusted user can temporally disable password protection until YAPI restarts on a mobile device.

Temporarily Disable Password

If a trusted user wants to temporarily disable password protection to accomplish several tasks without entering the password each time, such as accessing multiple patient documents, password protection can be disabled until YAPI restarts on a mobile device. A trusted user is a someone who provides a valid password in a current session. To enable this feature, enable the switch across from Disable Password:

Disable Password Setting

Note: To re-enable password protection you need to push the iPad Home button to terminate the current session,or simply return back to the Configuration tab and un-select the Disable Password option.

Show Patient’s Last Name on Dashboard

Show Last Name Setting

When this option is enabled, the patient's entire name will show up on the Dashboard. With the option disabled, the end of the patient's last name will display as star characters, displaying only the first name and first letter of the last name.

Show Appointment Details on Dashboard

Show Appointment Details Setting

When this option is disabled, appointment details will be hidden on the Dashboard.

Otherwise, if this option is disabled, critical information may appear on the dashboard next to the appointment time.

Show Patient Information

Show Patient Information Setting

This option specifies whether a patient’s detailed information is available on the Dashboard. This setting has three available options: No, Yes, and Password.

If Yes or Password is selected, a user can access detailed patient information by long tapping on the patient icon, and then tapping Details:

Patient details enabled

Note: If the Password option is selected, YAPI will display a Lock icon next to the details in patient’s menu, and upon tapping on Details the user will be prompted to enter the YAPI password for the device

If No is selected, no option will appear when any user long taps on the patient icon:

Patient details disabled

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