Creating an IPad Form With The Form Builder

To create an iPad form:

1. Find the Form Builder. Read Locate the Form Builder.

2. Fill in the following basic information:










The name of your form that will be visible on iPad and online forms.















The name of your form that will be visible on your YAPI dashboard under Manage Documents and Templates in the iPad forms list.


NOTE: Do not include any of the following characters in your form name: * # ~ $ + ^ ;  \  or / as they will cause your form to fail. To make form names more readable, try a filename like: sampleFormName.



If checked, the height of input boxes, list boxes, etc... are reduced, which will allow more elements per page.



If checked, this options retains form data between editing sessions until the document is signed. Please only use this option if instructed by YAPI support.




Scrollable single-page:


If checked, your form becomes only one page that you can keep scrolling down until you get to the end of the page. If you don’t check this box your form will be broken up into pages and to navigate through them you need to click on Next and Back buttons.


3. There are many types of form fields you can add to your form. For a complete list read Form Fields Visual Guide. Click on the Add button and select the type of form field you wish to add. Repeat this step until you've added all the form fields you want.


The image above shows what the form builder looks like with the fields entered. The fields appear in the previewer on the right in the same order they appear in the list. 

NOTE: If you are designing a scrollable form, the previewer does not work in this mode. As such, when you activate Scrollable Single Page, the preview pane will turn completely gray.

When working with forms, there are a few ground rules that are important to keep in mind:

  • If you are modifying an existing form, always change the Title and Name fields so you don't get the new one mixed up with the old one. 
  • Scrollable Single-Page forms are typically used for consent forms while Multi-Page forms are used for data collection like a patient's forms of insurance or dental history.

If you want to rearrange the order of the fields, click and drag them to the new position, as shown in the following animation:


4. Click Save and close the editor window. 

NOTE: Because the Documents & Templates manager conserves processes by only loading the lists when the dialog is first opened, you won't see your new form until you have closed and re-opened the Documents & Templates manager or if you click on any other other tab and go back to the iPad Forms tab.


The animation below shows you how to create a document with the Form Builder:



Now that you're done creating your iPad form, you are ready to preview it. Read How To Preview Your Form on an iPad.



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