Finding Your Google Place ID

The Google Place Identification string is a unique identifier for your business. The ID string connects your practice across the various Google platforms and allows YAPI to generate a connection to your Google reviews. You will need this identifier to configure YAPI InstaReview™ Google integration.

When you set up InstaReview™, you will need to add the Google Place ID to YAPI. We'll start with finding the identification string.

Finding Google Place ID.

To find the PlaceID for the practice, go to the Google Place ID Finder. Type in your practice name and address information into the search bar, then click search. Your practice location will now be on the map, with a popup window displaying the practice's Google Place ID.

Select the Place ID on the map and copy the identification string.


Move to the YAPI Dashboard. Click on the Online section (the globe icon), then select InstaReview > Setup


Paste the Google Place ID in the input labeled "Google Place ID", and then click the Save button. InstaReview™ is now set up for Google reviews!

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