Automated Appointment Reminder & Confirmation Best Practices

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Why use best practices in appointment reminders?

As the name implies, Best Practices are settings preset that have been tried and true for many offices like your dental practice for sending out automated appointment reminders. These practices come with default reminder templates that can be used to notify and confirm upcoming appointments and can be scheduled to be sent out at certain times to maximize patient retention. 

Some examples of best practices are:

  • A quick and easy method of applying reminder templates and scheduled messages

  • Using scheduled times that have can work well for many offices

  • Ensures that a consistent reminder schedule can be set for appointments in the near and far future

  • Correct templates always set in case of changes done

The use of Best Practices puts less stress on your shoulders when realizing the scheduled times set by your staff may not be the best in bringing in patients consistently due to messages not arriving on time. This allows for a template that can be tweaked to your liking while having a strong foundation.

How to access appointment reminders and best practices


    1. From the YAPI Practice Dashboard, click on the Setup and Manage 2019-09-03_11-44-13.png button, then click the Global Setup option.

    2. A password request will prompt, type in the YAPI password into the field if the password has not been configured, then click OK. This will open the Global Setup window. 

    3. From the Global Setup window, click on the Reminders tab.

    4. At the bottom of the Reminders window in the orange section, click on the Best Practices Use button.

    5. A Reminders Best Practices window will appear. Clicking the Proceed button on the bottom-right corner will apply the changes to the Reminders tab. Clicking the Explain button will open a PDF file going in-depth into Best Practices and how they can work with your office.


blobid0.png Save the Date
  The Save the Date email is sent out for patients if they are scheduled to come into the office 30 days or more before their appointment. This email will be sent out on the same day the patient was scheduled to ensure they have a reference for their future appointment.
blobid1.png Reminders
  The Reminder messages will be sent out to the patient 3 weeks and 2 weeks before the appointment with postcards and email respectively. To ensure that the postcard is sent out on time, be sure to print out the postcard as soon as it is available in the Envelope icon on the Dashboard and mail it out on either the day of or the next available mail day.
blobid2.png Confirmations
  The Confirmation messages will be sent out 4 days and 3 days before the appointment with email and text messages respectively. These messages will include means to confirm the appointment with a reply feature, confirming with the link on either the email or replying with C in the text message. This will then flag the appointment as confirmed on the Practice Management Software. The 1-day phone call by the office is recommended as a best practice if both the prior confirmations are ignored as a last line of defense in ensuring a response from the patient for the appointment day.
blobid3.png Same Day
  The Same Day message will be sent out 2 hours before the appointment to remind them of the appointment occurring on the day of. 

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