Configuring a Secure Email Provider

The HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule filed on January 17th, 2013 included new requirements that may apply when a patient requests an electronic copy of the patient’s information from a covered dental practice that maintains the record electronically.

As a result of the aforementioned requirements, many dental offices started using secure email providers like ZSentryDataMotionSendInc, or MD OfficeMail Crypt-n-Send when emailing ePHI – electronic protected health information. Those services can be configured as a standalone email encryption service that works along with your existing email account like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail.

This article describes how to enable the use of a secure email provider when sending emails in YAPI.

Open Global Setup, go to Email tab. On Email tab, check the Enable secure email box.


Check Always use secure email box if you want YAPI to use secure email provider as a default email provider.

Please note that YAPI uses a secure email provider, when selected, for all emails sent from YAPI Dashboard. YAPI doesn’t use secure email provider for automatic transactional emails like appointment reminders, recall, email blast, etc.

Enter outgoing SMTP server hostname and port number supplied by your secure email provider.

For example, ZSentry uses and port 465, DataMotion uses and port 587, MD Officemail Crypt-n-Send uses and port 465SendInc uses and port 465.

Always check SSL and Must Login boxes.

Username and Password fields contain your credentials with a secure email provider.

For SendincUsername contains Sendinc email aliasPassword contains Sendinc password.

For ZSentry, Username contains the email address given in your PASS, while Password field contains ZSentry Usercode immediately followed by your ZSentry password. Please read more here.

Once you set-up a secure email provider, YAPI Send Email window will contain an option to send email using 



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