Different Ways To Send Emails From YAPI

You can email your patient from several locations in YAPI. Below is a quick reference to how to get to these locations.

Option 1: The Patient Finder

  1. On your YAPI Dashboard, Click on Patient >>Select Patient Finder (ALT+F)

  2. Search for your patient by typing their last name (or using any other search filter) on the search bar then click on the Search button.

  3. Right Click on patient's name >> Select Communication >> Select Email >> Click on Send Email.


TIP: A quicker way to get to the email editor is to click on the patient email in the patient list.


Option 2: The Patient Avatar

Right Click on Patient Avatar >> Select patient's name >> Select Communicate >> Click on Send Email



Option 3: The Communication Tower

Click on Communication Tower >> Click Send Email


Click below to watch a video:

Click  Expand_Icon_2.png  to view full screen.


Option 4: Mail Blast

Click on Globe (Internet) >> Click on Mail Blast


For further details about how to send Email Blasts, read How do I send an Email Blast to my patients?

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