Patients With Scheduled Appointments Receive Reminders To Schedule Appointment


A patient on recall gets YAPI automated reminders to schedule a continuing care visit even if she/he has an appointment scheduled

Background Information

YAPI uses Dentrix Continuing Care system to determine whether a patient needs to get a reminder to schedule a recall appointment.

Dentrix recognizes Continuing Care appointments vs. other appointments. In order for Dentrix to recognize that a patient has an appointment scheduled for a patient's continuing care visit, an appointment must have continuing care attached to it. Otherwise, Dentrix will treat an appointment as if it were not a continuing care appointment.

A patient with a Continuing Care attached gets YAPI automated reminder to schedule appointments only when he/she doesn't have an appointment with attached continuing care scheduled.


When you schedule a recall appointment make sure that:

  • the procedures added to the appointment are attached to a continuing care type and 
  • the Use Reason to Auto Update CC option is checked

so Dentrix attaches the continuing care type to the appointment automatically.

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