Prepare OpenDental for YAPI Integration

In order to get the most out of the integration of YAPI and OpenDental, we recommend getting OpenDental ready with a few simple steps:

Create Appointment status that indicates a patient arrival

A key part of the YAPI service is the monitoring of a patient’s appointment status in OpenDental and reflecting any arrived patient on the YAPI Dashboard. Verify that your OpenDental configuration defines an "Appt Confirmed Status" that indicates a patient arrival event (typically the status "Arrived").

Create Custom patient fields

YAPI forms collect the patient's Emergency Contact information and, optionally, Driver License number. To allow YAPI to store this collected information in OpenDental you will need to create two custom patient fields: “emergency contact” and “driver license”. Please follow this link for instructions on how to add a custom patient field to OpenDental.

Clean up your Medication, Allergy, and Problem lists

YAPI pulls the Problem, Allergy, and Medication lists defined in OpenDental into the online and iPad forms. This allows a patient to select his/her current medical conditions, allergies, and medications in YAPI and YAPI to then seamlessly add the patient's information to the patient's record in OpenDental with a few mouse clicks.

It is important that your Medication, Allergy, and Problem lists don’t contain duplicate, misspelled, erroneous or confusing items. Please also make sure that your lists include all problems/medications/allergies that you want to know about so you don’t need frequently update your lists. 

Since problems and allergies that are attached to patients cannot be deleted, please hide them in OpenDental so they are no longer visible on YAPI forms. If, for whatever reason, you cannot hide a problem or an allergy in OpenDental please hide it YAPI (see below).

OpenDental doesn’t allow removing, renaming, or hiding medications, therefore you will need to hide those in YAPI if necessary.

Once in a while, patients won't be able to find their medications, allergies, or medical problems in your lists. So YAPI forms allow a patient to add a medical problem, allergy, or a medication that is not currently in OpenDental. In this case, YAPI won’t be able to automatically import updates. In such a case, when you update the patient record you will need to manually map those into existing problems/allergies/medications or create new in OpenDental.

When you manually map patient’s input into an existing problem/allergy/medication you can preserve patient's input into a note associated with a problem/allergy/medication so it will be visible in OpenDental Chart module. Additionally, you can create a generic category in OpenDental that is not available for the selection on a form (since is hidden in YAPI) but allows you to map unmatched problem/allergy/medication nicely while preserving patient input.

To simplify this process, we recommend creating an item “Other” in each list. When updating OpenDental you may map all unmatched problems/allergies/medications into “Other” with a single mouse click while storing patient’s input in a note. Moreover, you can configure YAPI to automatically map all unmatched items into “Other” while storing the patient input into notes.

Remember that “Other” item must be hidden in YAPI (and visible in OpenDental) so it won't show up on an iPad or online form.

Clean up Referral list

Since YAPI presents “Non-Person” referral sources from OpenDental on iPad and online forms for a patient to select a referral source, please make sure that Referral list entries have proper spelling and make sense to your patients. Please note that you can remove a referral source from YAPI by making it hidden in OpenDental. Additionally, you can hide a referral source in YAPI even if it is not hidden in OpenDental.

For YAPI online forms to accept a patient as a referral source, please add "Other Patient" to OpenDental Referrals list. In OpenDental, go Lists, Referrals, click the Add button.


Please make sure that Not Person checkbox is checked.

Let YAPI know your Problems/Allergies/Medications/Referrals lists

To present a list of Problems/Allergies/Medications/Referrals that YAPI will use, to make lists available to online forms, and to, optionally, remove unwanted items from iPad and online forms, click on Tools icon on the top of YAPI Dashboard and select Administrative Tools, Lists, select one of the lists.

To hide an item on a list from YAPI, uncheck the box on the left. Please make sure that each occurrence of “Other” in the lists problem/allergy/medication, and any items that you don't want to show up on YAPI forms, are hidden.

When you finish, click the Save button.

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