Using Medical History Update Form on iPad

During the installation of YAPI, the module that connects YAPI and OpenDental installs several forms that are specific to OpenDental. Unlike generic YAPI forms, these forms are tailored to integrate the information entered in the YAPI application into the OpenDental database and workflow. In other words, those forms collect patient data and update the OpenDental database without ever leaving YAPI application.

OpenDental lists play a large role in this integration. YAPI pulls lists from OpenDental (specifically the Medications, Allergies, and Problem lists), which are then used to compile these YAPI forms.  Once a patient fills out these forms, the information is inserted into the OpenDental Database for the patient's record. Before you start using OpenDental integrated forms, we recommend reviewing the Medication, Allergy, and Problem lists in OpenDental, as described in the article "Prepare OpenDental for YAPI integration".

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the Medical History Update Form and how to transfer the data collected by the form to the patient's record in the OpenDental database.

iPad Forms

Once a patient is checked-in on the YAPI Dashboard Application, the patient will appear in the YAPI iPad application. You can now access forms two ways:

  1. Inside the patient's area, swipe left or right and the page will turn to the available iPad forms

  2. Invoke the patient’s document menu by pressing on the clipboard icon, then selecting the Sign Document option as shown below.


On the next screen, select the Open Dental Medical History Update 2 form (current form version is 2)


Once the form is present on the iPad screen, pass the iPad to the patient to fill out the form.

Note: the patient can abandon the form and return back to the previous screen by tapping the Forms and Documents button at the top left corner.

The Medical History Update form has three pages. The patient can navigate between pages by tapping the Next or Back orange buttons at the bottom of each page or by swiping left or right on the iPad screen with a finger.

Note: YAPI will not switch pages if the current page is incomplete or contains errors. Required inputs are highlighted in yellow.

The first page of the form starts with pre-filled inputs containing the patient’s first and last name. These fields are not editable. The list of Medical Conditions pulled from OpenDental are displayed next, except those fields that are hidden in OpenDental or YAPI and checks the boxes based on the patient’s current record in OpenDental (for more information about hiding medical problems in YAPI see "Prepare OpenDental for YAPI Integration")

YAPI also pre-fills the Medical Conditions checkboxes to match the patient's OpenDental chart. The patient should verify that all appropriate boxes are checked. 


If OpenDental recognizes more than 64 conditions the list will be longer than the page view and the patient is required to scroll down until the end to complete the page. The following error message will alert the patient that not all medical conditions were visible:


To finish with the medical conditions page and move to the second page, the patient should check the I checked all that apply box at the bottom and tap the Next button.

The form’s second page prompts the patient to enter any health conditions not already present in OpenDental, enter any allergies and medications, and answer several medical questions.

Note: YAPI pre-fills any applicable field with information currently available in OpenDental.


The allergies section contains all allergies defined in OpenDental except those that are elected to be hidden. If more than 20 allergies are present, the allergies list is also scrollable. 

YAPI allows up to ten entries for medications. YAPI will pre-fill any medications present in the patient’s OpenDental chart. To select a new medication, modify an existing medication, or remove a medication, touch the medication field and select a medication from the list that appears at the bottom of the iPad in place of the keyboard. To remove a medication, simply scroll up to the first entry in the list.


When a Yes/No question requires additional information, a text box and keyboard will appear.

Note: if the box's backgroud color is yellow the entry is required.


The last page of the form contains a few more questions, a free-form comment field, and the signature box. The patient should finish the required fields, sign, and tap the Save button.


When the patient taps the Save button, the form will be sent to the YAPI Dashboard. If the Dashboard is password protected, as is recommended to protect patient information, YAPI will lock the screen and ask for the password.


If the form was was a part of a package, YAPI will return to the package view for the patient to finish all other documents/forms.


After a form is submitted, the submission will be reflected on the YAPI Dashboard. The Virtual Document Folder icon will change to icon.png, indicating that a document is available for import into the patient's OpenDental record


Import Patient Record into OpenDental

Next, the new document can be reviewed, the information can be updated in OpenDental, and the signed document can be moved to Images.

Note: the YAPI Dashboard will automatically reflect all the changes in patient's record.

On the YAPI Dashboard application (on a computer), right click on the patient's Virtual Document Folder ( icon.png ) and select Show Documents.


The Document Viewer will then appear. Select the document title on the left, then to the right you will see a multipage pdf file that contains the filled-out Patient Medical History Update form. You can view and annotate each page (on both PC and iPad). But first, you need to update the patient's record.

Click the green arrow button on the toolbar menu:


The next window displays the OpenDental Problem, Allergy, and Medication list selections made by the patient. Hovering the mouse inside a list displays a bubble that shows all selected items in a list.


Hover the cursor over a list item, then right click to add a note:


Notes are stored in the Chart module of OpenDental.

When you have made all necessary notes and are ready to update patient's record, click the Update button.

The Preview window will then appear. The patient's current information already stored in OpenDental will show in the left column while any updated information will show in the right column. If there were any changes, YAPI will highlight those. Click the Import button, to proceed. 


Finally, file the signed pdf document into OpenDental Images.

Note: The document can be filed at the same time as updating the patient's record or it can be done later. if done later, the document will be left in the patient's document folder on the YAPI Dashboard, allowing more time for the doctor to view and annotate medical history documents if necessary.


To verify a successful update, open the patient's chart in OpenDental. You will see any recent updates in red text:


Additionally, YAPI adds a record to the OpendDental Comm Log: 


and to the Audit Trail Log:


Un-matched Problems, Allergies, and Medications

Once in a while, patients won't be able to match their medications, allergies, medical problems to those listed on the form. In this case, the problems/allergies/medications will be logged as "other" or "not listed":


When the patient's record is updated, YAPI will show un-matched medical problems/allergies/medications in red. These must be resolved prior to proceding.


This issue can be resolved in several ways:

  1. Try to find a mach. Sometimes patients miss the problem/allergy/medication already listed on the form and type it in the "Other" or "Not listed" section. When you find a match, simply select it in the list to remove text in red.

  2. Store the un-matched problem/allergy/medication as Other. Please make sure that you've created an Other problem/allergy/medication and made it hidden in YAPI as described in the article "Prepare OpenDental for YAPI integration".

    Move the cursor over the warning icon, click and select the Copy to Other option.


    YAPI selects Other in the list and creates a note moving the un-matched problem/allergy/medication into the note.


    Complete this process for each un-matched problem/allergy/medication. Click the Update button, then the Import button.


    When you finish, check the patient's chart to verify a successful update.


    If this option is the preferred option for your dental practice, you may instruct YAPI to always select Other and store un-matched problems/allergies/medications as notes:

    1. Click the Setup and Manage section (the wrench icon wrenchIcon.jpg) on the top of YAPI Dashboard

    2. Select Global Setup, navigate to the Documents tab

    3. Check the Quick Import box.


  3. Store un-matched items as a note. Select a best suited problem/allergy/medication, and create a note for that item. Then copy the un-matched item to the none box.

  4. Create a new problem/allergy/medication in OpenDental. This will allow YAPI to find this item as a match:

    1. Move the mouse pointer over the warning icon

    2. Select Add as a New Option

    3. A confirmation dialog box will appear, then click the Ok button to proceed


    YAPI will create a new problem/allergy/medication in OpenDental and select the appropriate box in the list.


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