Setup Online Forms

Each online form must be initialized for use and associated with the Medication, Allergy, Problem, and Referral lists used in your practice.

Before you initialize online form you will need to review Medication, Allergy, Problem, and Referral lists used in OpenDental, as described in the article "Prepare OpenDental for YAPI Integration".

You will also need to upload the Medication, Allergy, Problem, and Referral list to the YAPI Service Manager, the application that hosts online forms.

To upload your lists, click the Tools section (the briefcase icon tools.png) on the top of YAPI Dashboard > select Administrative Tools > select List > then select a list. You will then repeat this for each list. 


YAPI will present a list allowing you to exclude (hide) undesirable items: 


Click the Save button to upload the list. YAPI confirms the upload with a pop-up message. Click the Ok button to continue.


Another pop-up message will appear, just click the Ok button to continue.


Now let's go to the public online documents to initialize and install the online form.

Click the Setup and Manage section (the wrench icon wrenchIcon.jpg) on the top of the YAPI Dashboard, then select Manage Documents and Templates.


Go to the Online tab and click the Get button to download the list of available online forms.


Click on a form to generate a pop-up menu, then select the Install locally and initialize for use option.


A green check-box indicates that the form is initialized and is ready for use:


Online forms display your office logo on the top of each page. Please make sure that your logo is uploaded before you start using online forms. (for more information on uploading forms, see the article "Uploading your Logo to YAPI")

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