OpenDental doesn't show patient's picture taken by YAPI while YAPI shows the picture

If the picture you just took of your patient with your YAPI iPad App shows up in the YAPI Dashboard but not in OpenDental, often this can be remedied by a simple setting change in OpenDental. We're going to check if the Image Category with usage 'PatientPic' does exist and is not hidden in OpenDental.

To check this setting:

  1. Start OpenDental

  2. Navigate to the Setup section in the top menu bar

  3. Select Definitions

  4. On the Definitions screen, find and select Image Categories on the left menu

  5. Search the Usage column for the category with the usage "PatientPic", and make sure there is not an "x" present in the Hide column

    1. If the "x" is present, double-click on this section to remove the "x" and allow the patient's picture to display

    2. If not, reach out to tech support staff for further assistance

  6. Return to the Family tab to see the patient's picture displayed

    Note: You may need to refresh the currently selected patient for the picture to display

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