Setting Patients to Receive Their Appointment Reminders in Spanish

As of YAPI version 1.4.65+, we introduced an awesome new feature: Actionable Notes. In addition to using Actionable Notes to send your patients early arrival reminders, you can also send Spanish appointment reminders

"Actionable Notes" are simple phrases, placed within square brackets and entered into patient or appointment notes (in your PMS), that will trigger a specific action in YAPI. YAPI will then automatically execute the requested action.

Currently, our Actionable Notes feature can be used to set a patient’s preferred language (Spanish or English) and to send early arrival reminders. Remember, square brackets are your secret weapon to trigger Actionable Notes!


How to Set a Patient’s Preferred Language

YAPI's Spanish appointment reminders will accommodate your Spanish-speaking patients. English is the default setting for a patient’s preferred language. In order to change a patient’s preferred language to Spanish and activate Spanish reminders, enter the word [Spanish] in the patient's notes. You can also enter [SPA] or [ES] for short.

There are slight variations as to where to enter [Spanish] depending on your PMS.

  • Dentrix: enter in Patient Notes
  • Eaglesoft: enter in Patient Memos
  • Open Dental: native in the "language" field in the family module

Remember, it must be in brackets. In Dentrix and Eaglesoft, this will set the patient’s preferred language to Spanish and activate Spanish reminders.

Sending Spanish Appointment Reminders

When you change the preferred language to Spanish, the choice of language will remain in effect for every future appointment. If a patient ever requests to switch back to English reminders, remove the [Spanish] note to deactivate and revert back to English. This note will also cause the nano site and Virtual Receptionist to default to Spanish. For instance, when a patient texts "MY" to your office, the response from your office will be in Spanish.

The preferred language set using Actionable Notes or natively in Open Dental will effect:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Email messages
  • Recall reminders
  • The nano site

How to Activate Spanish Appointment Reminders

If your YAPI version is 1.4.65+, your software already has the necessary templates to support this feature. If your version is prior to 1.4.65, please contact our Support Team and they will get you set up with the new templates!

If you are unsure of your YAPI version, see this article - How to check YAPI version?

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