Configuring Slack Integration

Minimum Requirements

YAPI Version 1.4.237 


  1. Log into your Slack account on the web browser.

  2. Go to to obtain your WebHook.

  3. Select or Make the Channel you want your YAPI messages to go to (it doesn’t matter, but is needed to make the WebHook).


  4. Click the Add Incoming WebHooks integration button.


  5. Copy the URL for the WebHook.


  6. Give a name for the YAPI/SLACK integration so it can be recognized.


  7. Select the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.


  8. Open a YAPI workstation and log into the Global Settings.


    1. Go to the Online Tab.

    2. Paste the WebHook.

    3.  Select the Channel you want YAPI messages to appear in Slack, this can differ from Step 3.

    4. Click the Save button.

  9.  Restart the workstation

Testing the YAPI/SLACK integration

  1. Broadcast a Message in YAPI via the Communication Tower and see if a message it appears in Slack.

  2. Summon a Provider in YAPI and see if a message appears in Slack.

  3. Message a Provider in YAPI and see if a message appears in Slack.

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