Configuring Alexa Integration

WARNING! Please ensure that your office's server and computer clocks are synchronized prior to setting up Alexa Integration, and that your server is synchronized with an Internet Time Clock. Consult with your IT administrator if you need clarification.

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant technology, combined with the Amazon Echo hardware devices and integrated through YAPI’s< Alexa Skill allows you to use your voice to manage a lot of practice operations. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the requirements and get your first Amazon Echo device configured. 

This process has five distinct sections:

The first run-through will take the longest time to complete, but once you are done, setting up additional Echo devices will be much easier. After you have installed all of the Echo devices you need for your practice, you will have a fully integrated, voice-activated system.

What You’ll Need to Get Going

There are some system requirements and configuration required in order to use Alexa with YAPI. Please verify that you meet these requirements in order to prepare your practice for Alexa integration.

  • YAPI version 1.4.221 or later*.
  • One or more unused Amazon Echo devices.
  • A desktop computer running Chrome, Firefox, or Edge
  • Your Practice GUID
  • The Alexa ID for each operatory an Alexa will be installed.

It is considered best practice to order all of the Echo devices from the same Amazon account, then use that account throughout the office to configure each Echo device. This allows you to easily configure all devices to integrate with YAPI. It is not necessary to have an Amazon Prime account to use Echo devices.

We also consider it best practice to use a modern web browser on a local workstation to configure the Echo devices instead of installing the Alexa app on a mobile device. The primary reason for this is because you cannot easily access or use the Practice GUID on a mobile device.

* NOTE: If you have version 1.4.220 or earlier installed and your license is current, please contact YAPI support to get your installation upgraded at no additional cost.

To familiarize yourself with how to get your Practice GUID, follow these steps:

  1. Open the YAPI Dashboard.

  2. Click the Wrench icon.

  3. Select the About option.

  4. Click the Practice ID button in the lower left corner of the dialog box.


This will copy your Practice GUID to your computer’s clipboard. Next, you’ll need to configure your Echo device and configure the YAPI Skill on your Echo device.

To prepare to configure your Echo devices, it is considered best practice to perform the configuration using the workstation in the operatory you plan to install the Echo device. This simplifies the process and avoids the aforementioned issues with setups completed on mobile devices.

Setting Up the Echo Device

To get started, follow these steps:
  1. Unlock the workstation.

  2. Open a web browser, like Chrome or Firefox. Do NOT use Internet Explorer.

  3. Go to

  4. Log in to Amazon using the same account the Echo devices are pre-configured to work with.

  5. Unbox your pre-configured Echo device.

  6. Prepare a place to put your Echo device that is at least 8 inches from walls or windows and plug the power supply into the device.

  7. Plug the power supply into a wall socket. The device will power on. The light ring on the top will be blue, then turn orange and greet you. You are now ready to connect the device.

  8. In your web browser, Click Settings.

  9. Select the Set Up A New Device option.

  10. Press and hold the ACTION button on your Echo device until the light ring turns orange. The browser page will update to indicate that you are now connected to the Echo device and a list of available Wi-Fi networks will appear.

  11. Select the wireless network that connects your entire office. If you have more than one wireless network, select the one that YAPI uses.

  12. Enter the network password.

  13. Once your Echo device connects successfully, you will receive a notification.

You are now ready to connect the YAPI Skill to your Echo device. Take a moment, however, to talk to Alexa. As Alexa a few questions, and make sure Alexa can hear you inside the room.

Setting Up the YAPI Skill

To configure the YAPI Skill you will need the previously collected Practice GUID and the operatory Alexa ID that will allow Alexa to converse with YAPI. Complete the following steps to connect your new Echo device to YAPI:

  1. Unlock the workstation.

  2. Open a web browser, like Chrome or Firefox. Do NOT use Internet Explorer.

  3. Go to

  4. Log in to Amazon using the same account the Echo devices are pre-configured to work with.

  5. In the action bar, click on Skills.

  6. Enter YAPI as the search term and press Enter. The YAPI Skill will appear as a result.

  7. Click the YAPI item.

  8. Click the large, blue Enable button.

  9. Save the permissions without making any changes. This will start the Account Linking process which involves opening a pop-up window.

    NOTE: If no pop-up window appears, deactivate any ad and/or pop-up blockers like AdBlockPlus or uBlock Origin from stopping any processes on this site.

  10. Return to your YAPI Dashboard and use the process detailed at the top of this document to copy your Practice GUID to the clipboard.

  11. Paste the Practice GUID into the YAPI Skill Account Linking pop-up.

  12. Click Authorize.


Placing the Device in Your Office

You will receive notification that the YAPI Skill has been successfully linked, as shown below.

Once the Echo device is connected to your YAPI account and the Skill is properly configured, you will need to configure your Echo device for the location in which you have installed the device. Setting the Alexa ID in YAPI allows the system to know where people and resources are, and how to direct others to people who need assistance.

  1. Unlock the workstation.

  2. Open the YAPI Dashboard.

  3. Click the Setup and Manage (wrench) icon.

  4. Click the Local Setup option.

  5. Locate the Area Name section in the Local Setup dialog.

  6. Click the Get Alexa ID button to the right of the Area Name. This will show you a number. Now you’ll need to talk to Alexa.

  7. Say, “Alexa, start YAPI.” This starts the YAPI skill and Alexa responds saying, “YAPI, how can I help you?

  8. Next, say, “Set area number X,” Where X is the number given you when you clicked Get Alexa ID in the Local Setup dialog.

  9. If Alexa correctly heard you, it will respond by saying, “You selected Area Number X to be associated with this echo device. Is it correct?”

  10. If that is correct, say, “Yes,” and Alexa will respond to you saying, “Got it. This echo will be associated with the Area 2 in YAPI. I will make note of it.

This completes the configuration steps required to integrate an Amazon Echo device into your practice. You will need to do this with each device, but rest assured that the process takes much less time once you are familiar with the process.

The last thing you will want to do is test that Alexa is correctly connected to your YAPI Skill. To do that, say this:

“Alexa, start YAPI” then…

“Alexa, tell me information”

If everything is set up correctly, Alexa will respond with information about your practice, the area the Echo is installed, and other related information.

Talking to Your Echo Devices

Once everything is configured, you have placed all of your Echo devices, and you’ve tested them all to make sure they are configured properly, you can start issuing them commands.

To start YAPI…

“Alexa, Start YAPI”

Once you’ve grown accustomed to the commands, you can just say…

“Alexa, tell YAPI…”

Most commands will ask you for confirmation, to which you can say…

“Yes” or “No”

If you want to cancel a process, you can say…

“Alexa, Cancel” or “Alexa, Stop”

If you’d like a refresher on available commands, you can ask Alexa for…

“Alexa, Help”

You can also…

“Alexa, Set area number X”
or ask for “Alexa, Information

To request assistance…

“Alexa, tell YAPI I need assistance

To request help with probing…

“Alexa, I need assistance with probing

To announce that a patient is ready for an exam…

“Alexa, patient is ready for an exam

To announce that a patient is ready for treatment…

“Alexa, patient is ready for treatment

To clear all alerts in the designated area…

“Alexa, clear all alerts”

NOTE: Commands can be simplified by using the underlined word in the command. For example, “Alexa, Exam”

The Wrap Up

That’s all there is to it. As we add new commands to the YAPI Skill, we will document them here. If you need any assistance with any of the steps in this process, please contact support.

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