Apple Watch, Smart Watch Setup Guide


  • YAPI version 1.4.172+ (If you are unsure of the YAPI version number, see the article "How to check YAPI version"

  • Any SMS texting capable Smart Watch (this is common with most Smart Watches)

What You Need

YAPI utilizes SMS text messaging to create communication with smartwatches. This means that all your practice needs to have YAPI integrate intra-office communications to smartwatches is an Apple Watch or Android Wear compatible smartwatch that is capable of receiving SMS text messages itself or via a smartphone connection. If your smartwatch can receive text messages, your smartwatch is capable of YAPI integrated messaging!

Configuring YAPI

Before you can start receiving notifications from YAPI on your Apple Watch or compatible Android Wear device, you need to prepare a few settings in YAPI. Any workstation with a YAPI connection can be used to perform the necessary steps, as follows:

  1. Open the YAPI Dashboard

  2. Open the Setup and Manage menu (the wrench icon wrenchIcon.jpg) in the toolbar

  3. Select the Global Setup

  4. If prompted, enter the admin password

  5. Navigate to the Options tab

  6. Now find the following two checkboxes and make sure both are enabled:

    1. Check the Find Mobile Phones checkbox


    2. Check the Text to Summon checkbox


  7. Click the Save button.

    *A pop-up message will warn you that the workstation must be restarted for the changes to take effect. Click Ok, then proceed with the next steps (we will restart after all steps are complete)

  8. Navigate to the Providers tab

  9. Find the provider you would like to contact via smartwatch
  10. Under the "Mobile" column, double-click the cell to enable editing, then enter the mobile phone number that is connected to a smartwatch

  11. Click the Save button

  12. Close the YAPI Dashboard, then reopen the YAPI application to finalize the new configuration

To test the new configuration, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Communication menu (the radio tower icon communication.png)

  2. Select Message to Provider

  3. Enter a message in the text area

  4. Select the smartwatch enabled provider from the list

  5. Check the Text to Mobile Phone checkbox

  6. Click the Send button.

    *You may optionally check the Private option if you prefer the message not broadcast to all workstations.

The smartwatch should receive the message within a few moments. If the message does not arrive at all, check your YAPI settings in the previous steps of this guide. Ensure that both Find Mobile Phones and Text to Summon are enabled. If the message does not reach the watch but appears on the phone, check the Bluetooth connection between the watch and phone. 

NOTE: If you are using an Apple Watch paired to an Apple iPhone, then enure:

  • You are wearing the Apple Watch

  • The connected iPhone display is locked

You can now respond to this message directly from your smartwatch and the message will appear on YAPI workstations!

If you have experienced trouble with these YAPI settings, reach out to YAPI Technical Support for friendly and quick assistance!

NOTE: Due to the large number of devices on the market we are unable to offer product-specific directions for their configuration. For specifics on your devices, please consult your manufacturer for details on how to connect your devices.

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