Configuring Fast Import for Open Dental

Fast import is a great time-saving feature of YAPI that allows the effortless filing of documents with little interaction from Dental Office Staff. This feature requires a few steps to set-up, but once properly configured with your OpenDental settings, this tool will efficiently and effectively streamline your office workflow as Office Staff will no longer need to manually process most patient documents.

Because the Fast Import feature leans heavily on the PMS functionality to correctly file documents, it is important for the user to understand that they need to meet certain requirements before the addition can be installed.

WARNING: If not all forms are categorized, any benefits of improved efficiency will be lost, as the front desk staff will need to spend extra time trying to find out why documents were not auto-filed.

Best Practices

  • Assess all customers PMS list status
  • Clarify need for all lists to be configured correctly
  • Synchronize the lists
  • Assist with finding duplicates and/or merges
  • Assist with categorizing all forms
  • Advise that all new forms must also be categorized
  • Configure YAPI
  • Verify changes and configuration
  • Give overview of new process
  • Remind of the importance of valid signatures

What You Need

  • YAPI 1.4.279 or later. Recommended build x.363 or later.
  • Open Dental plugin version 1.9.5x or later.
  • Clean PMS lists.
  • Categorized forms.

Configuring Fast Import

Requires: That there be an “OTHER” item in OD Allergies, Medications, and Problems.

Step 1: Calibrating the Lists

  1. In YAPI, open the Dashboard and go to Tools (briefcase) > Administrative Tools > Lists > Medical Conditions.
  2. Check all conditions that apply. 
  3. Make the same changes to the Allergies and Medications lists, as well.
  4. Save any changes to update online lists.

WARNING: Make sure OTHER is unchecked in all lists.

  • When you have verified that you are ready, go to Tools > Administrative Tools > Lists > Reset Lists.

Step 2: Categorizing Documents

All active forms must be categorized in order for Fast Import to work. To categorize each form, you must do each one individually.

  1. Go to Setup & Manage (wrench) > Manage Documents and Templates, and select the iPad Forms
  2. Select each active form.
  3. Click the Categorize
  4. Select the appropriate category from the drop-down menu and click OK.

Step 3: Setting Up YAPI

  1. Go to Setup & Manage (wrench) > Global Settings and select the Documents
  2. Check the Enable Auto Import/Filing
  3. Check the OD: Quick Import checkbox (if not already checked).

Additional Information

Some notes on how certain behaviors are processed.

  • For iPad forms with required signatures, signing AND saving is required to trigger the automatic import process.
  • For iPad forms that do not require a signature, saving triggers the import.
  • For iPad multi-edit forms, only one signature is to be used. Forms can be saved and edited later as needed. Signing AND saving triggers the import.
  • Fast Import activity is shown next to the patient avatar. If the icon is green, then documents were successfully transferred. If the icon is red, then there are transfer errors. Hovering over the icon will reveal any issues.
  • In the event of import errors, files with problems will be found in the Documents Folder and will be available to process manually. The most anticipated error will likely be Document Category is Missing


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