What is the Form Builder?

The Form Builder is a tool in the YAPI Dashboard that allows you to create custom forms that are used to collect and update a wide range of patient information and consents that helps your practice help your patients. Forms are used throughout YAPI for use on iPads, online, and integrated with Practice Management Systems. Our YAPI Support Engineers build and maintain online and PMS integrated forms, but you are free to build your own iPad forms. 

WARNING: If the need for creating or editing PMS integrated or online forms arises, it is recommended that you contact YAPI support to handle its creation/modification for you. Advanced knowledge of the Form Builder is required for such forms as they might break due to improper use of tags. Here's how to contact YAPI Customer Service or Support.


Form Builder Overview

To get started, familiarize yourself with the Form Builder. The diagram below points out the different elements of the Form Builder and what they mean.












The name of your form that will be visible on iPad and online forms.















The name of your form that will be visible on your YAPI dashboard under Manage Documents and Templates in the iPad forms list.


NOTE: Do not include any of the following characters in your form name: * # ~ $ + ^ ;  \  or / as they will cause your form to fail. To make form names more readable, try a filename like: sampleFormName.


3.png Compact:

If checked, the height of input boxes, list boxes, etc. are reduced, which will allow more elements per page.



If checked, this options retains form data between editing sessions until the document is signed. Please only use this option if instructed by YAPI support.



Scrollable single-page: 


If checked, your form becomes only one page that you can keep scrolling down until you get to the end of the page. If you don’t check this box your form will be broken up into pages and to navigate through them you need to click on Next and Back buttons.



PMS          integrated: 

If checked, the form becomes a PMS integrated form, meaning the form fields will be tied back to fields in your PMS. When you check this box, a drop-down list appears to select the PMS your YAPI is integrated with.



More Options:


Clicking on this button will display further options in a pop-up window. The options displayed are Language and Country. Selecting from these drop-down lists allows you to select the language and override the country for a form. 


Questions Area:

This displays the various elements that have been added to your form.



Clicking on this button will delete a selected field from the question area.


Add Multiple:

Clicking on this button opens up a pop-up window that allows you to add multiple fields at the same time.



Clicking on this button opens up a pop-up window that allows you to add fields to your form. 



Clicking on this button saves your form with all its modifications.








Form Previewer: 







Graphically displays a rough outline of what your form will look like but only for NON-scrollable single page forms (paged forms). Hovering over the different objects on the Form   Previewer highlights the row on the Questions Area that corresponds to the object. 

You can jump between the different form pages by clicking on the next and back buttons at the bottom of the previewer



Now that you have an idea what the Form Builder is, let's find it on your YAPI Dashboard. Read Where is the Form Builder?

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