Where is the Form Builder?

To locate the Form Builder: 

  1. Click on the Setup & Manage section (the wrench icon wrenchIcon.jpg) on the YAPI Dashboard.

  2. Select the Manage Documents and Templates option from the drop-down menu.


NOTE: You might be prompted to enter your password. If you expect to be in and out of the administration menu multiple times, you may opt to check the Remember Me For 10 Minutes box. If you're not sure what the password is, read What is YAPI's default password?


 3. Go to the iPad Forms tab.1


4. Click the New button2 (or if you're editing an old form, select the form then the Edit button).

5. Select the Questionnaire radio button1 from the radio group on top then click OK2. Clicking on Rich Text radio button will open a completely different builder. So, make sure you select the correct one.


6. The Form Builder will open.



Now that you've located the Form Builder learn how to create an iPad Form. Read Creating an iPad Form with The Form Builder


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