Logging In and Out of the Practice Online Portal

Logging in

  1. Go to yapipop.com 

  2. Enter the username/email and password then click on the LOG IN button. Don't remember your password? Read Resetting your POP account password 


  3. On login, a text message will be sent to your mobile number with a 6 digit verification code that you need to enter on your screen to continue.  Every time you log in, this will happen unless you check the “Don’t require MFA for 30 days when using this browser” checkbox which will skip this step for the next 30 days when logging in using the specific device and browser currently used. This step is an added security layer.


  4. Click Continue and you will be directed to the Practice Online Portal homepage.


Logging Out

At any time you need to log out from the POP, click on the Profile icon on the top-right then on Logout from the drop-down menu.


For security reasons, after a period of inactivity on the page, the system will log you out automatically. Right now the time out is set at 10 minutes.  You will get a message 3 minutes before your time out with a timer telling you how many seconds are remaining before you are logged out.


If you click on the STAY ON PAGE button, you will remain logged in.

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