Logging In and Out of the Practice Online Portal (POP)

YAPI's Practice Online Portal (or POP, for short) is an extension of YAPI that allows you to access some of YAPI's features (and some additional ones) from the Practice Online Portal website.  Once you've been invited as a user, you can log in any time by following the steps below.

Not sure how to get an invite?  If other members of your team use POP already, ask who in your office is an Admin.  They can send you an invite straight from POP!  If no one in your office uses POP yet, have your practice owner, primary provider, or office manager contact their YAPI Customer Success Manager so we can get your practice started. (It's part of your subscription.)

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Logging in

  1. In a web browser (like Chrome or Firefox), go to yapipop.com or click POP POP.png in the YAPI Dashboard toolbar.

  2. Enter the username or email address you set up when you were invited to POP, along with your password. Then, click LOG IN.


    Forgot your password?  Click Don't remember your password? and follow the prompts to reset it.  For more information, see Resetting Your Practice Online Portal Account Password.
  3. When asked for a 6-digit verification code, check your mobile number for a text and enter the number on the page: 


  4. Optional: To bypass this 2-factor authentication screen for 30 days, select Don’t require MFA for 30 days when using this browser:


  5. Click Continue and wait for the Practice Online Portal homepage to load.


Logging Out

Automatic Logout

YAPI automatically logs each user out of the Practice Online Portal after 2 hours of inactivity (meaning you didn't click on anything for 2 hours).  When you're close to the 2-hour mark, YAPI will warn you with a pop-up, letting you know you're about to be logged out.  To keep POP open, click Stay on Page; to log out, either do nothing or click Logout.


Manual Logout

For added security, we recommend you log out manually when you're done using POP:

  1. In POP, click the Profile icon Screen_Shot_2022-08-18_at_2.33.09_PM.png on the top right.

  2. Select Logout from the dropdown menu:



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