Practice Online Portal (POP) Features

With the Practice Online Portal (POP), you have the ability to access Appointment and Patient information and communicate with your patients anytime, anywhere and on any device.  POP works with all major web browsers and does not require any software installations. However, it does use your existing service to collect data, securely and in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

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View your Appointment Book


Find out what appointments you have lined up for any day. You can see which patients are scheduled, the reason and status of their appointment (Confirmed/ Unconfirmed), for how long, and which provider they are scheduled with. Click through to see even more details.




View your Appointment Book in OFFLINE Mode


Your practice server down? No problem. YAPI stores 7 days worth of appointments for you. Every day during housekeeping, YAPI uploads and stores in the cloud a fresh copy of appointments for a week. POP automatically switches to OFFLINE mode when your server is down and displays your stored appointments so you can see your upcoming appointments and get in touch with your patients.


Search and View Patient Information

Search for any patient using their last name, email or phone.  


Click through to find out more about your patient;

Patient general and contact details, and family members

Patient_Summary.png  Family_Members.png

Patient medical information, and appointment history including their family appointments

Patient_Health.png  Patient_Appointments.png 

Patient text and email history

Patient_Texts.png  Patient_Emails.png


Communicate with your Patients

POP gives you the ability to text your patients using your YAPI phone number and view the conversation history. Whenever you receive a text message from a patient, POP notifies you. You are also able to view the patient’s contact information which allows you to call and email your patient using your mobile device. 


Manage your ASAP List

POP allows you to view all the patients on your ASAP list and when they were actually scheduled to come.  That way you are able to quickly fill in last-minute openings (cancellations) on your schedule.

ASAP_List.png  ASAP_Details2.png

Manage your YAPI Pay Requests

Use your iPad (pictured) or desktop computer to manage YAPI Pay payment requests.


Manage Your Care Call List

Browse your Care Call list and follow up with patients after their appointments. Mark your Care Calls as "Mark Done" and watch your list shrink!

Care_Call_List.png  Care_Call_Details.png

View your YAPI Subscription Information

Through POP you can view your subscription information.  Find out when is your next billing date and much more.


Manage your POP Users

As a Super Admin or Admin on POP, you are given privileges to view, invite and deactivate users.

 User_List.png  Invite_User.png


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