How Secure is my Patient’s Health Information on the Practice Online Portal?

The privacy of your patient's health information (PHI) is one of our top priorities here at YAPI. The Practice Online Portal (POP) has security safeguards in place to protect this information.

Safety measures that are built into POP include: 

  • Access controls” using passwords, to help limit access to PHI.
  • "Activity Timeout" logs off a user after a certain period of inactivity on a page.
  • "Multifactor Authentication" an added layer of security that requires you to verify your identity using more than one method of authentication. POP requires you to authenticate using your email and mobile phone number on account activation and login.
  • Encrypting" PHI in transit. While your information is being pulled from your practice server and displayed on your screen, PHI is converted from a readable form to an encoded version that can only be decoded on your browser using a decryption key.
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